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    Ryan's Law
    DDSB Asthma Plan
    If you child has asthma and will be bringing a puffer to school, please take a moment to fill out this form to help the staff understand your child's personal medical needs.
    DDSB Asthma Plan.pdf

Staff, students and parents work and communicate together to make a difference for our learning environment. Our communication continues to be the key to our success. Please discuss the following suggestions with your family so that safe strategies are reinforced.

      Safety Guidelines:
        1. Always walk with a buddy to and from school.
        2. Do not talk to strangers.
        3. Inform your parents and the school if a stranger approaches you.
        4. Remember, adults do not ask for directions from children.
        5. Always let your parents know if there has been a change in your plans.
        6. Avoid taking short cuts through fields and parks.
        7. Never walk alone, especially at night.
        8. Be aware of your surroundings when wearing earphones.
        9. It is okay for children not to speak to adults who they do not know.
        Please take a moment to review these tips with your child(ren). Together, we can keep our school and community a safe environment for our children.