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Character Education
Character Education contributes to safe, healthy and orderly school environments, which are essential to learning. Character development goes hand in hand with a strong academic program. By nurturing the qualities of good citizenship, Williamsburg staff creates an environment where student engagement, civic responsibility and academic achievement thrive. The goal of Character Education is to develop a school in which everyone nurtures attribitues such as: courage, honesty, kindness, perseverance, responsibility, empathy, integrity, optimism, respect, and teamwork.
Why Teach Character Education?
  • citizen development is and has been on of the key purposes of schooling
  • citizenship can be nurtured within a public education system that does not simply reflect but also attempts to shape the future society
  • our classrooms represent a microcosm of our diverse society
  • the development of character education attributes and the dispositions necessary for responsible, productive citizenship are a partnership that begins at home and is reinforced in our schools (Adapted from YRDSB)
How does Williamsburg Implement Character Education?
  • Infusing character attributes into the curriculum
  • Everyday practices and language
  • Showcasing the excellence of our students
  • Recognizing students at our monthly assemblies
  • Daily announcements
  • Guest speakers
  • Clubs
  • Teaching Our Five Agreements
  • Social Outreach Projects
Our Plans For This Year
September 12th 2011: Full school assembly to kick off our “Say Something” year
We will introduce our “5 WPS Agreements”
  • We care about each other
  • We respect each other
  • We see each other
  • We support each other
  • We “Say Something”
Students will be taught gestures to accompany each agreementAfterward in class students will create posters to put around the class/school that display all 5 agreements. These posters wil be completed by Sept. 19th when they will be shared at the first Wolfpack activity
September 19th 2011: Students will be given new wolfpacks this year with 20/21 students in each. Wolfpacks will then break into smaller groups (usually 2 or 4) to complete the activity. Each Wolfpack will be assigned a teacher leader and assigned a workspace to meet in. Activities will begin with a community circle where the group will be given the expectations for the day's activity. These activities will be based on the lessons provided by Safe Schools. During the first Wolfpack students will be sharing the posters they created about the “5 WPS agreements”
The TRIBES process develops "Good Character". Williamsburg teachers who implement the TRIBES process:
  • build community and inclusion for all
  • uses cooperative learning
  • transfers responsibility to individuals and groups
  • promotes caring and sharing
  • celebrates community learning
  • reaches all students through meaningful participation
  • uses interactive strategies
  • encourages peer leadership
  • uses positive agreements to assure a caring culture
  • reaches students of multiple intelligences, abilities and cultures