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Whitby Shores Public School
On the Trail to Learning, Caring and Action
Equity & Diversity

​We believe – and research confirms – that students who feel welcome and accepted in their schools are more likely to succeed academically.  We believe that everyone in our publicly funded education system – regardless of background or personal circumstances – must be welcomed and accepted, and thereby enabled to reach their highest potential. - Kathleen Wynne, former Minister of Education




Quick Facts for Ontario's Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy:



Our STAR Club is made up of students from grades 7 & 8 who are interested in promoting a safe and inclusive school.  Through the STAR (Students Together Against Racism) program, school-based activities and staff development, Whitby Shores P.S. and the Durham District School Board is sending a message to students, staff and school communities that it condemns and will not tolerate racial stereotypes and demeaning acts of a racial, religious, cultural or homophobic nature.

Students' Credo

Every Monday, a student reads the Students' Credo for Canadian Unity.

A Students Credo For Canadian Unity.pdfA Students Credo For Canadian Unity.pdf



Whitby Shores P.S. welcomes all members of the school and broader community by providing services that respect the independence and dignity of persons with disabilities.  Should you require accessibility accommodations for participation at meetings, please contact our office at 905-666-6667.

To give feedback about accessibility within the Durham District School Board, the following email may be used:

Religious Accommodations

The Durham District School Board and Whitby Shores Public School follow the Guidelines and Procedures for the Accommodation of Religious Requirements Practices and Observances.  This document has been produced in compliance with requirements of Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy within the contexts of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code.  This document assists us in creating and maintaining equitable and inclusive environments within our schools and facilities, and guides the process of providing religious accommodations as the need arises.  The document is available for viewing at  (highlight Programs on the left panel, then Equity and Inclusive Education, then Guidelines) or you may ask to review a copy at your child’s school.

If you anticipate that you or your family might require religious accommodation at any point during the school year we ask that you inform the administration at your child’s school as early as possible, preferably at the start of the school year.  Areas that you might consider include, but are not limited to, the following:

·       Observation of major religious holy days and celebrations

·       Accommodation in, or exemption from, specific areas of the curriculum or other school activities

·       Religious attire

·       Modesty requirements in physical education

·       School opening and closing exercises

·       Prayer

·       Dietary requirements

You are also welcome to speak to our school administration about unanticipated religious accommodation needs as they arise.


Students are exposed to homophobic incidents that range from hearing ‘gay’ used as a synonym for ‘stupid’ or ‘worthless’ to insulting and assaulting students because their sexual or transgender identity or their perceived sexual or transgender identity.  In a recent national survey that provided Board specific results, most lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) students and families are exposed to homophobic bullying that is neither rare nor harmless.

The Durham District School Board and Whitby Shores P.S. are committed to promoting a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for all students, staff, parents and the community.

The school and SCC hosted a parent information night in February, 2012.  Barry Bedford, Education Officer with the DDSB presented statistics reported on the national survey regarding homophobia, including DDSB specific data, and provided a forum to discuss school and community strategies for dealing with homophobia.  The Board resource:  It Happens to Be… LGBTQ …in our Schools, was presented along with books located in our library and used by teachers.  You may request a copy of the Board resource document from the the school administration.

In February, 2013 WSPS staff were in-serviced on how to support students who are transgender.

Aboriginal Ed

For information about DDSB's support of Aboriginal Education, see:

Raising our awareness and broadening our understanding of the important teachings of our aboriginal peoples is a focus at Whitby Shores Public School this year.  Beginning with our whole school in-service with Deanna Fry, DDSB Aboriginal Education Facilitator, our students have been learning about the Medicine Wheel, the role of the First Nations in the War of 1812, the Seven Grandfather Teachings and the Two Row Wampum Belt.  They have also made Promise Strings and some participated in an authentic Aboriginal ceremony.  See the attached for more details.

Aboriginal Education at Whitby Shores.pdfAboriginal Education at Whitby Shores.pdf


Recognizing the increasing diversity of Durham Region, the Durham Black Educators Network (DBEN) is a proactive organization with the goal of optimizing the educational experience of black students, parents, and educators in the Durham District School Board.  For more information, see the school Principal.

In October 2012, the former New Jersey Principal, speaker and author, Baruti Kafele, recently spoke to students, parents and staff from across the DDSB.  Attached are his 'Ten Critical Questions for Effective Parental Engagement.'


Ten Questions-Effective Parental Engagement.pdfTen Questions-Effective Parental Engagement.pdf

New to Canada?

New to Canada?

A Settlement Worker in the School can help you:

- learn more about your school and community;

- connect with employment services;

- access language training;

- understand cultural practices in your community;

- and much more.

Joy Tan is your school settlement worker.

Call Joy at 905.903.0590 or email