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Parent Information

The SWIS Durham will run the Welcome and Information for Newcomers (WIN) and orientation program for elementary students and their families on Monday, August 19th, 2019 at Bolton C. Falby Public School from 9:00am to 1:30PM. To register for this free program, contact or call the SWIS Durham office at (905) 686-2662 etc.122. Click the link below for more information.

WIN Flyer

Do you have questions about:

  • learning English?

  • educational services?

  • housing services?

  • health services?

  • employment services?

  • immigration services?

  • legal services?​

Click here for details about how you can get help:

Settlement Workers in Schools.pdf

Durham College Summer Camps.pdf

Parents As Partners Arpil 13, 2019.jpg

Talking About Mental Illness.pdf - Tuesday, May 7th

Kiss N Ride/Parking Lot Safety

There are many reasons why certain areas are designated as “No Parking”. We kindly ask that our parents and community members consider the safety of the entire community, by effectively utilizing the Kiss N Ride available. This is the safest option, should it be necessary to drive.  Remember…walking is a healthy alternative! When using the Kiss N Ride, please note that it is meant to keep traffic moving at a safe flow.  When vehicles are parked in the loop, it congests the traffic on Michael Blvd.  Should your child not be visible and ready when you pull up, we kindly ask that you drive the loop and return.  This allows the flow of traffic to continue and not get backed up. Our after school Kiss N ride in particular has been very congested with parked vehicles causing unsafe conditions for all.  We kindly ask all parents to refrain from parking in this area anytime, as the traffic back up it creates can be hazardous.  Thank you for modelling the safe and positive behaviour we promote here at West Lynde PS and thus adhering to our Code of Conduct.

Looking for…

If there are any parents who would be interested in volunteering their time to help us in a Safe Lot initiative, please let us know.  We hope to put together a committee to help monitor parking lot safety.

Thank you.

Safety Tips

Please review the following suggestions with your family so that safe strategies are reinforced.

1. Always walk with a buddy to and from school.

2. Do not talk to strangers.

3. Inform your parents and the school if a stranger approaches you.

4. Remember, adults do not ask for directions from children.

5. Always let your parents know if there has been a change in your plans.

6. Avoid taking short cuts through fields and parks.

7. Never walk alone, especially at night.

8. Be aware of your surroundings when wearing earphones.

9.. It is okay for children not to speak to adults who they do not know.