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Vimy Ridge Public School
Respect, Integrity, Courage, Honour
Vimy Ridge History

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first time that all divisions of Canadian soldiers from across our country worked together as "everyday heroes" toward a common purpose. It is often said that Canada became a nation at Vimy Ridge; a nation characterized by strength, unity, commitment, honour and integrity. One of the primary reasons for the success of Canadians at Vimy Ridge, along with their will and strength of character, was their ingenuity and critical thinking. Where other armies had attempted, unsuccessfully, to "take the Ridge", the Canadians studied the area extensively and implemented many new innovative ideas and strategies.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge showed the unique qualities we like to think of today as core Canadian values. The values we treasure most. Leadership, citizenship, commitment, perseverance, ingenuity and high performance are the hallmarks of Canada. The goal of Vimy Ridge P.S. will be to instil these qualities and values in each one of our students in efforts to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that they will experience throughout their lifetime.

Vimy Ridge has lessons to teach us on a variety of levels. As culturally diverse as Ajax is, the same can be said to the cultural diversity of the men who fought on that ridge. Many were born in other countries but were united as Canadians under one flag at Vimy Ridge for the first time in our history. The soldiers were committed to our country and achieved a goal which no other country could achieve at that time. These are goals that students can learn from and apply to their everyday lives. In essence, our school community will be composed of a collection of Canadians from various cultural backgrounds who will stand together to form a learning community committed to citizenship and excellence in achievement. Similarly, and again, consistent with the forces that came together at Vimy Ridge, students and teachers from various schools will join together to form a school in which they will work together to achieve success and excellence

There are many powerful parallels that exist between the significance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the Vimy Ridge school community, and the vision of our school. Naming the school Vimy Ridge P.S. represents the significant historical national contribution made by thousands of Canadian heroes and will provide a very strong foundation upon which we will build a thriving and successful school.