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Teacher Pages
​​Teacher.jpgIn this section you will find teacher pages for all grades. Teachers will use this area to communicate to both students and parents items of interest pertaining to their class.

Please find your class, by choosing from the menus below.

 Primary Division

Grade​ Teacher Sites​
Webb & McClelland,   Murray & Vreeker,   McGregor & Fergusson 
​1 EA. DeLuca
1 FI H. Davidson
​1 FI S. Blanche​​
​2 FIL. Rioux
​2 FIM. Power
​2 EK. Hines - Henry​
3 FI S. Ottley
​3 FI ​D. Woodcock
2/3 E​M. Guy
​PLPA. Shahin Kubty

 Junior Division

​Grade Teacher Sites​
3/​4 ER. Powers​
​4/5 FIJ. Aiken/A. Michaud
​4/5 E
​M. Levac
​4 FIC. Santella
4/5 FI
​S. Flewell
6 FI​S. Whitehead
6​ FI M. Latendresse
​5/6 E C. Sanders

Primary F.I./Jr. Core French​

Core French

Learning & Leadership


Special Education​SERTS

 Intermediate Division

​Grade/Subject Teacher Sites​
6/7 E J. Anderson
​7/8 E W. Deacon
​7/8 E N. Henning
7/8 FI G. Sallie
7/8 FI​A. Lajeunesse
​8 FI​M. Ulrich
​Health and Physical Education ​J. Loach-Perry
​Music N. Henning
​Science J. Anderson
English to FI​M. Baxter​