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 Equity and Diversity in Resources

The Durham District School Board values and respects all members in its school community. We believe that it is important that our school libraries and classroom resources reflect inclusivity and serve to foster sensitivity towards individuals and groups that have traditionally been and/or are currently being marginalized within the broader society. These resources serve to identify and remove barriers that may exist for various groups and families. They may touch on topics of ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, family status and marital status. They are intended to help students to acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to challenge unjust practices, and to build positive human relationships as members of a global community.
The DDSB goal is to provide students with opportunities to promote equity and social justice.

 Important Dates

​French Book Fair ​Nov. 12-19
​English Book Fair ​Nov. 20-26
​Bilingual Book Fair ​Feb. 15-17
​Forest of Reading Kickoff Feb 1st
​Forest of Reading Oct.- Apr.
Junior Book Battle Semis​ Apr. 10 12:30(pm)​
​Senior Book Battle Semis ​Apr. 12 12:30(pm)
Battle of the Books Finals​ Apr. 17th
​Regional Battle of the Books Finals Apr. 19th
​Forest of Reading Voting ​Apr. 30th
Scholastic Regional Host Sale​ TBA

 General Information

Learning is at the forefront here at the VandenBos library, and students have been reading and taking advantage of our resources to learn and grow. Each student has been provided an orientation on the library and older students have been made aware of some of the new research tools that they will have access to at school and home.  These include Learn360, various encyclopedias and databases, home reading tools, newspaper archives, and their mobile campus, which allows them to access programs and files from home.
Be sure to check out the "Learning Commons" link for information on all things research and library, and to browse any of the parent resources in our library. Parents may sign out any of our titles on digital citizenship, behaviour, and mental health, and they are listed in pdf form on the website for anyone interested. We also have included a pamphlet on how to access research resources from home under the "Parent/Technology Resources" section, which contains information to subscription services from home (see a teacher for the passwords). 

 Book Fines

Finally, a friendly reminder to encourage students to please return library books on time, or renew after two weeks. Our library is dependant on students taking care of their books, and sharing titles, so it is imperative that we all send a common message of the importance of this responsibility. Book fines are minimal ($7.00 per lost/damaged book) compared to the replacement cost of most titles, and these fines help to offset a percentage of that cost of replacement. If you have any questions regarding overdue books, or if you notice a conflict, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!