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Sinclair Secondary School
Committed to Excellence
Student Parliment
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The purpose of the Student Parliament is to provide a student government elected by the student body. The three main functions of the Student Parliament are to:
 ​ ​- ​Provide Opportunity for Student Leadership
​  ​- Help Initiate and stimulate co-curricular activities and social events for students on school-wide basis
     ​ ​- Collect and distribute equitably all monies raised through the sale of student activity cards and special fund-raising ventures
2018 - 2019 Student Parliament​ ​

Elected Ministers​ ​
Prime Minister ​ Filip Lukic
Deputy Prime Minister Grace Corby
Minister of Finance​ Oscar Li
Minister of Records​ Alex Lee
Minister of Events​ Newness Chiadika
Minister of Communications​ Arianna Tallidis
​Minister of School Relations​ Maxwell Hedington

Grade Representatives​​​ ​ ​ ​​
​​Grade 9​ Grade 10​ Grade 11​ Grade 12
Precious Ajilore,
Madelyn Berthelot,
Claire Corby,
De-Mario Knowles,
Kyle Lloyd,
Angelina Ngo,
Tala Sakran

Khadeeja Fakhridin,

Lexy Oullette,

Owen Clark,

Nisha Ghai,

Aisha Mokheamer

Thush Gnanamuttu,
Christina Felker,
Matthew Yan,
Renee Xie

Josh Graham,

Julianna Taylor,

Magdalena Trifunovska,

Josiah Addo-Bekoe 


Spirit Committee

Tara Kliska, Eva Fang, Maha Ahmad, Fariya Nasir, Isabella Taylor, Amtul Imran, Brooke Randall, Shanise Raffington, Atqiya Rahman, Bre Watts, Kaiwen Yuan, Monica Siciliano, Julia Cooper, Ameera Jafri, Shannon Ramgoolam, Jake Andrews, Gaya Karal

Celtic Suggestions

Student Parliament Grade Reps. are available every other Wednesday at lunch in front of the Resource Centre and Cafeteria.