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Sinclair Secondary School
Committed to Excellence
Youth in Action
You can call us Youth in Action. An organization involved around Free the Children; we’re a group of dedicated individuals who care for others. We run fundraisers for causes both small and large, raise awareness of global and local issues and donate materials to these causes. Youth in Action is not only committed to creating change, but also to educate others on the challenges that others face every day.
Youth in Action starts at the beginning of the year in September and runs until the end of the school year. We meet every Wednesday at lunch in room 319.                 
Joining is simple! Just show up to our meetings on Wednesdays and participate in our projects!
What do you do?
Youth in action’s goal is to educate, engage, and empower the youth of today to take part in making the world a better place!  Working with large organizations such as Free the Children, we dedicate our time to support global projects including: We Create Change, The Vow of Silence, Run for the Cure, and other major missions. In these campaigns we face important issues such as education, poverty, famine, feminine rights, disease and anything else we wish to overcome. In addition to these great global issues, we also like to support local positions such as charities and toy drives. Any change is progress and with each change we become one step closer to a better world, all we need is your help!
Youth in Action’s teacher supervisors are Mrs. Fyfe, Ms. Frazer, Ms. Jenkins.