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Sinclair Secondary School
Committed to Excellence
Program Description

The focus of the Mathematics department is to help students develop a solid foundation and continual growth in all areas of the subject. The Mathematics curriculum prepares students for their tomorrows. It equips them with essential Mathematics knowledge and skills; with skills of reasoning, problem solving, and communication; and most importantly, with the ability and the incentive to continue learning on their own.
Preparation for the Future
Students interested in pursuing a career in science, pure mathematics, engineering, computer science and medicine should have a strong mathematical background.
Resources and Study Tips
The transition from Grade 8 Math to high school math can often be daunting.  With classes going at a faster pace and the absence of “make up tests/ retests”, students often find themselves at a loss.  Here are some common study tips that our teachers give to our students. You are encouraged to talk to you individual teachers for more tips.

·         Math Help Club (Gr. 9 and 10 only):
          o   EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch
          o   Room 302 - Come bring your lunch and get math help!
·         MthHmwkHlp.jpgFree On-line Homework Help - (Grades 7-10)

           o   Find on-line lessons for many topics in both math and science. 
           Great for getting caught up from class absences.

·         Moodle
     ·         Math Course Selection Videos
Math EQAO Dates:   
Semester 2:  June 14, 2018. All day.