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Sinclair Secondary School
Committed to Excellence



Program Description

The English department is committed to nurturing critical thinking skills and an understanding of human nature through the study of literature. Through the study of classic literature and other forms of writing such as poems, essays, and plays, students become familiar with common themes, symbols, and styles in great writing.
Beginning in Grade 9, students are taught the basics of good essay and report writing so that by the grade 12 level, structure and style should be in place and they can concentrate on depth of analysis. Students also have the opportunity to take unique and specific English courses; they can improve on their creative writing in grade 12 Writer's Craft, analyze media techniques in grade 11 Media, or begin preparation for a University study of English in Grade 12 Studies in Literature.

Preparation for the Future
A solid grounding in writing and analysis of literature will prepare students for success in life. However, specifically, the study of English could easily lead to careers in journalism, media, education, public relations and business.