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Sinclair Secondary School
Committed to Excellence
Music Program
The Music Department offers 5 strands to choose from: Instrumental, Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard and Music Theatre. Students can sign up to play or sing in an ensemble environment (instrumental or vocal classes) or focus more on individual instruction (guitar or keyboard classes). The Music Department offers a full range of extra-curricular ensembles and opportunities.
Preparation for the Future
Students who excel in courses in the Music department may pursue a career as a music teacher, music therapist or perhaps aspire to be a professional musician. May opportunities exist in the areas of music design and production both live and in the studio.
Visual Art Program
The Visual Art department aims to develop appreciation and skill involving various art forms. Art classes develop students' expression and creativity using a variety of artistic media.
Highlights of the program include Ceramics, Photography, and a new CyberArts course. Also offered each year is a Yearbook/Information Design, a two-credit course in which students work co-operatively to create the school's yearbook, and complete projects that involve their knowledge of design, advertising, and layout.
Preparation for the Future
Courses in the department teach skills that will give students the opportunity to pursue many different avenues of the art world; they can learn various skills in the Visual Art classes, and concentrate on specific aspects like printmaking, tesselations in design, and photography.
Dramatic Arts Program
The Dramatic Arts Department provides opportunities for students to explore dramatic forms and techniques, using material from a wide range of sources and cultures. Students use the elements of drama to examine situations and issues that are relevant to their lives. Students create, perform, discuss, and analyse drama, and then reflect on the experiences to develop an understanding of themselves, the art form, and the world around them.
Core Dramatic Arts courses are offered at each grade level. Offered every other year is a course in Musical Theatre in which students mount a full-scale Musical Theatre production.
The Dramatic Arts Department offers a full range of extra-curricular opportunities both on and off-stage.
Preparation for the Future
Courses in the department teach groupwork, confidence, public speaking, and creativity - skills that will give students the opportunity to apply pursue many different careers. Students who excel in Dramatic Arts may pursue a career in acting, directing, playwrighting, arts education, arts management or technical production.
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