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​​​Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Munsch.  Thank you for taking time to visit our websites.  Teachers with a website will have an active link when you scroll over their name.  Some teachers use Remind as a communication tool.  If you have not signed up for the Robert Munsch Public School Remind notifications you should contact Mrs. Taciuk so you don't miss out on important school information.  ​ 

 Office Team

​Principal M. Armstrong
​S. Makris
Head Secretary
​L. Taciuk
Secretary ​T. Rendell

 Early Years Team

​FDK D. Yake / J. Anderson 
​FDK ​S. Geary / C. Irani
​FDK D. Stagg / R. DeMuzio​
​FDK ​J. Campbell / M. Grant
​FDK C. Conley / S. Kaufman

 Junior Team

​4 J. Stewart
​4S. Stevenson
​4D. Ludlow​
​5L. Williston
​5J. Currie
​5J. Tippett​​
​6 L. Lourie
​6E. Powell​​
​6C. Kappukatt​​

 Cross Grade Team

​Teacher-Librarian S. DaCosta​​​

​Physical Ed/Health

P. Balachorek
Phys. Ed/Health ​L. Suddons

​Music (K-2)/Kindergarten

​L. Grenon
​Music (3-8)
​French (Jr) C. DiCesare
​French (Int) ​A. Inglis
​French (Jr/Int)R. Emond

Custodial Team

Chief CustodianG. Blaby​
​Night Custodian​D. Farmer
​Night Custodian​P. Hennessey


 Special Education Team

SERT (Grade 3-8)​
D. MacDonald
SERT (K-2) & ESL​C. Comeau
Educational Assistant​W. Goodman​
Educational AssistantS. Miller​
​​Educational Assistant​S. Zajac
Educational AssistantL. Kirilenko
​Educational AssistantA. Smith​
Educational Assistant
M. Arpan​
​IntervenorL. Brozovich​

 Primary Team

​1J. Jemmett​
​1​T. Kalnay
​1 J. Mance
1/2 R. Campbell
​2​​​​S. ​Marsh
​2M. Gibson​/H. Walgate
​3 L. Gardner
​3 ​S. Whyte
​3 ​J. Locking
​3 ​E. Gray Gradwell
​3J. Brushey

 Intermediate Team

​7 D. Evans
​7A. Dart
​7H. Alexander
​8 M. Gesualdo​
​8 ​A. Lee
​8​L. Weeks
​8C. Bodnarchuk​