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Online Student Verification


Returning Student Verification Update for the 2018-2019 School Year

In 2017, the PowerSchool Parent Portal was introduced to improve communication and access to information related to parents/guardians student's education. The system allows parents/guardians to view student information including:

  • Teachers
  • Attendance
  • Parents/guardians contact information

Parents/Guardians can also launch SchoolCash and SchoolMessenger from the Parent Portal.

Completion of the Returning Student Verification Form is very important as it ensures that your student's school has accurate contact information and allows parents/guardians to provide Informed Consent for activities and initiatives your child may participate in such as:

  • Community walks
  • Chromebook initiative
  • Posting of Photographs/Video and school work within the school

The online verification replaces the previous system where paper copies of the verification forms were sent home and completed manually at the start of each school year.

This year the Durham District School Board will use the Parent Portal, therefore paper verification forms will not be sent home this September. The online verification process will be available to parents/guardians starting in early August. Information will be emailed to parents/guardians this summer with instructions on how to create a new account if needed, and a reminder to login if an account has already been set up.

If this verification form is completed before August 30, parents/guardians will be able to login to the Parent Portal on August 30 to view their child's homeroom teacher. If the verification is not completed prior to August 30th, there will be a 24-hour period between when the verification has been completed, and when the homeroom will appear in the Parent Portal.

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