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Pine Ridge Secondary School
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Bullying Prevention


Bullying Prevention: Educating and Empowering School Communities

A New Resource for Parents

Please be sure to check out the latest resource on Bullying Prevention from the Durham District School Board entitled; Bullying Prevention: Educating and Empowering School Communities. In this document, you will find parent information on how to work with the school on bullying and cyber-bullying prevention and intervention. There are checklists, tips, a glossary of terms and information on restorative practice. For example you will find:

The 4 R's of Bullying Prevention





In addition, the Safe Schools website includes a wealth of information and materials such as, Bullying We Can All Make It Stop; A Guide for Parent of Elementary and Secondary School Students; Shaping Safer Schools; A Bully Prevention Plan; Shaping a Culture of Respect in Our Schools; Promoting Safe and Healthy Relationships; and Forging Safer Learning Environments – Addressing Homophobic Bullying in Schools. Working together, educators and parents can assist our children as they pursue their learning goals in a safe, accepting and respectful environment.

The following files are now available on the Safe Schools website at