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Pine Ridge Secondary School
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Grade 8 Students

Grade 8 Information

November 22, 2018

Family of Schools' at Pine Ridge

Tour and Performance



2019 Grade 8 Parents' Night at Pine Ridge SS 

January 17th at 6:30


see the Elective Courses



Guidance visits to elementary schools for course selection and individual pathway planning. 

Career Cruising - Course Selection    

Students require student number and password.  Information is provided by Grade 8 Teacher.


Februray 22nd  deadline for grade 8 students course selection in Career Cruising.  Hand in to Grade 8 teacher. 


Option Verification Letters

Option Verification letters will be sent to elementary schools in June.  The letter will provide a listing of all available courses chosen by students for September.  This is not a timetable. Timetables will be distributed in September on Grade 9 day.

Community Involvement

Now is the time to consider what Community Involvement opportunities are available to you over the summer.  Once you have completed grade 8, you may begin to accumulate your 40 hours of community involvement.  This is a graduation requirement.  The summer immediately following grade 8 is a great opportunity to get this graduation requirement completed.  For more information about the community involvement graduation requirement go to Community Involvement at the DDSB website.