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Pine Ridge Secondary School
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Technological Education


Department Head:  Mr. R. Mauro

Staff (2018-19)

    • Mr. H. Baumann
    • Mr. Van Kessel
    • Mr. R. Wagner
    • Mr. D. Williams

Technological change and innovation impacts all areas of life, from our daily individual lives, to the work of commerce and government, to global interactions. It provides us with the assistance to meet our basic human needs and gives us the tools for improving people's lives and exploring new research.

A variety of subject areas allow students to acquire the technological skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a competitive global economy and become responsible citizens in an environmentally vulnerable world. To succeed in today's society students need to be: effective problem solvers and critical thinkers, able to understand, question, and respond to the demands of today's workforce. Students who pursue careers in technology also need high-level skills to develop solutions to workplace challenges or to provide the services required in their chosen fields.

The Technological Education department offers a diverse range of subject areas: Communications, Construction, Computer Engineering, Culinary Arts, Manufacturing, Design & CAD.