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1. When can students take Co-operative Education?

Students need to be in grade 11 or 12 when they take Co-op. Some students return after they graduate to take Co-op credits in their fifth year.

2. What types of placements are available to students?

The broad range of placements available in Durham and the surrounding areas would make a list too long to outline here. What is more important is to focus on the type of job or career the student is interested in or would like to investigate. Once this is established, then the search for a suitable placement for the student can begin.

3. Do students get any training before they attend their placements?

Students must attend the pre-placement classes at school before they begin their placements. During this time students learn about various topics such as health and safety, W.H.M.I.S. Training, learning skills, human rights and employment standards, workplace ethics and expectations and their responsibilities as a Co-op student.

4. Are students covered for insurance in case of an accident at the co-op placement?

All Co-op students are covered by insurance which is provided by the Ministry of Education. However, this insurance only covers the students while they are at the placement. It does not cover the students while they travel to and from their placements.

5. Must students accumulate a certain number of hours at the placement to be eligible for credits?

Yes students must accumulate 220 hours for 2 credits, at their placement. (e.g. 3 hours a day x 5 days a week x 1 semester = 220 hours)

6. If sufficient hours have been accumulated before the end of semester, must students continue?

Yes, Co-op students are under written contract to participate until the end of the semester.

7. Can students get paid for the work experience gained at the placement?

Students are not permitted to obtain high school credits and payment at the same time.

8. Can the mark a student receives in the course be used towards an academic average for post-secondary application?

No, students are not permitted to use the marks received for their Co-op towards their academic average for post-secondary applications.