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Pine Ridge Secondary School
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Computer Studies
At Pine Ridge, we offer three levels of computer science.

The Grade 10 ICS2O1 course focuses on the basic concepts of input and output, variables, repetition and selection, as well as introducing graphics and mouse control. This course is currently taught using the Turing programming language, which provides an excellent, easy to grasp introducion into programming concepts using higher level languages. Flowcharts and an understanding of logical, sequential program design are also introduced.

The Grade 11 ICS3U1 course moves into the Java programming language, and expands on the concepts learned in Grade 10, while also introducing additional data structures, object oriented programming, and sorting and searching techniques.  It is highly recommended (but not required) that students take the ICS2O1 course first.

The Grade 12 ICS4U1 course continues using the Java programming langauge while expanding on object oriented programming, introducing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), advanced data structures (such as vectors and binary trees), and researching skills, with a focus on group programming.

All three courses feature a final programming project in which the students design a program of their own to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts taught.  Many students choose to go beyond just the course concepts, inspired by their own creativity and interests.

Our students may write the University of Waterloo Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) in late February/early March each year (generally from 12 - 3 p.m. at Pine Ridge), and we entered teams of Grade 12 students in the IBM CASCON programming competition every year except one from its beginnings in 2005 until its cancellation this past year.

For further information on the Canadian Computing Competition, go to​