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Pine Ridge Secondary School
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Visual Arts


The Visual Arts program in Pine Ridge Secondary School offers a full four-year program with entry levels in grades 9 and 10 and later branches off into Photography, Arts and Crafts, and Applied Design. Throughout the program students will examine historical and cultural contexts of western art and other cultures increasing their understanding of stylistic of changes in modern and contemporary art. Learning through practice, they will build on what they know, introducing them to new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic thinking and experimentation creating art works that explore a wide range of subject matter. This program will leave students with the knowledge and skill needed to succeed in the competitive world of Visual Arts.



Core Visual Arts

Focus on developing core visual arts skills.  Working with media such as special ink, printmaking, acrylic paint.  Projects cover areas of still life, life drawing, sculpture and social issues.  Art history topics will be covered.


Focus on photographic methods:  Pinhole (11), 35 mm SLR (11, 12), digital photography (12) and digital computer manipulation (12).  Students learn to shoot and develop black and white photographs.  Both traditional and non-traditional methods are utilized.  The history of the camera and the history of photography topics will be covered.  Students are not required to have their own 35mm Manual SLR or Digital cameras; there is limited use of departmental cameras.

Applied Design

Focus on Applied Design tasks such as illustration, poster design, logos, business cards and letterhead and computer animation.  Product development and community artwork are also a large part of this coruse which produces print ready artwork.

Crafts & Design

Focus on Craft & Design. Working with media such as stained glass, metal work, clay, fabric arts, paper mâché and plaster.  Group projects such as installations are a focus within this course. ​​