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Pine Ridge Secondary School
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The Music Program at Pine Ridge Secondary School offers a full four year program in both Vocal and Instrumental, with entry levels in grades 9 and 10 and later branches off into MIDI Keyboard, and Musical Theatre. Throughout the program students will study the appreciation, analysis, and performance of various kinds of music including Baroque, Romantic, and Contemporary music, including, Canadian and non-western music. Students are required to develop a knowledge of the language of music including basic elements, terminology, and the history of music. Students will participate in several activities teaching them to listen with understanding and develop technique, sensitivity, and imagination needed to develop musicianship.

Outside of the in-class program, music students will be involved in:

    • Fall and Spring Concerts
    • Community Performances
    • Competitions and Music Festivals such as KIWANIS Music Festival, and Rotary Music Festival
    • A Major Musical Production
    • Co-curricular Field Trips
    • A Variety of Large and Small Ensembles (lunch and after school)
    • Subject Support (lunch and after school)