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Cherish the Children, the Branches of Tomorrow
Principal's Message

I am pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of the Ormiston Public School Community as Principal this school year.  I believe that all students can and will learn, while developing a proficiency for life long discovery.  My philosophy of educational leadership is built around the premise that students are the cornerstone of our society and education.  They should always be at the forefront of discussions and decisions. 


Student success is aligned with the school's ability to educate the whole child.  In order for this practice to continue and become more intentional, I encourage all participants to play the roles of consultant, collaborator and coach during the school year through the opportunities presented to all stakeholders – students, parents, staff and community partners. 


It is clearly evident that students, staff, parents and community partners have invested a great deal of time and passion into developing a most remarkable learning environment for our students here at Ormiston Public School.  A learning environment where students are able to attend, with pride and excitement, while experiencing the many learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities that are available for all students from Kindergarten through to Grade 8.  These rich and authentic experiences will continue to shape and mould our students into confident and resilient individuals who will immerse themselves in the greater community. 


I truly believe that opportunity swings the gate open to high, yet achievable expectations for students.  This year, we continue our school wide focus on achieving academic excellence.  Further developing skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics will continue to be the central focus of our initiatives.  Ormiston's students and staff will continue to embrace Character Education, as well as individual awareness by additionally embracing diversity as critical factors to maintaining and gaining positive school relationships.  Our Code of Conduct is included in the student agendas and school website.  Please review it with your child(ren), as it provides a foundation for discussion and school expectations. 


Your child's individual success is greatly impacted by the parent/guardian partnership in their learning experiences at school.  The relationship between home and school is invaluable to the immediate and long term success of a child.  Ways parents can contribute to this partnership is by checking our website regularly, reading the monthly newsletter and reviewing your child's agenda daily. 


This school year promises to be an exciting year with many opportunities for students and parents. The level of commitment and dedication of our staff and volunteers will continue to provide numerous activities and experiences.  Please encourage your child to become involved in the number of different adventures and experiences through co-curricular clubs and teams offered here at Ormiston Public School. 


It is with great optimism and excitement that I look forward to this school year at Ormiston.  If you have any questions or concerns at anytime, please feel free to contact me. 


S. McMurray