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New To FI Treasure Chest
Bienvenue !
"Welcome to the wonderful world of French Immersion! To help you take your first steps in your child’s 
journey with French Immersion, we have compiled a quick and easy reference guide designed to make 
this transition as smooth as possible. Even the most involved immersion parents or guardians have, at 
times, felt helpless trying to understand a homework assignment or wanting to offer support to their 
children. This handbook will assist you in providing that important support for your children as they 
embark on their exciting journey towards bilingualism."
(Une Trousse de trÉsors pour les parents d’immersion/A Treasure Chest for Families New to French Immersion, Durham District School Board, Programs Department)

​This resource package will help you to help your child in the French Immersion program.  Vocabulary includes:
• Question Words 
• Numbers 
• Days of the Week, Months, Seasons and Dates 
• The Weather 
• Times
• Shapes
• Colours 
• Adjectives 
• Useful Expressions​