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John Dryden Public School
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Teacher Pages

Early Years

Ms. McCollom-Kirk & Ms. Dolstra
Ms. Micallef & Ms. Yorke
Ms. Sauve & Ms. Elford
Ms. Strong & Ms. Joudrey


Ms. Beatty (Grade 1)
Ms. Mutrie (Grade 1, French Immersion)
Ms Nadeau-Turner (Grade 1, French Immersion)
Ms. Marsden (Grade 1 / 2)
Ms. Chong (Grade 2, French Immersion)
Ms. Jamshidimoghadam (Grade 2, French Immersion)
Ms. Laskowsky (Grade 2)
Ms. Smith  (Grade 2)
Ms. Brimble (Grade 3)
Ms. Munoz (Grade 3, French Immersion)
Mlle. Hawkins (Grade 3, French Immersion)
Ms. Suddons (Grade 3)



Ms. Chaput (Grade 4)
Ms. Hoogendoorn (Grade 4)
Mr. Brown (Gr 4 & 5 English to French Immersion)
Ms. Solimano (Grade 4 & 5, French Immersion)
Ms. McConnell (Grade 5)
Ms. Cameron (Grade 5) * (Ms. Szakacs)
Ms. Jacques (Grade 5/6)
Ms. Wilson-Brito (Grade 6)
Ms. Heemskerk (Grade 6 & 7 English to French Immersion)
Mlle Roy (Grade 6 & 7 French Immersion)


Mr. Richardson (Grade 7)
Ms. Moore (Grade 7)
Mr. Ayotte (Grade 8, French Immersion & FI Coverage)
Mr. Murray (Grade 8)
Ms. Marshall (Grade 8)
Mr. Mottershead (Grade 7 & 8)
Mr. Savage (Grade 8 English to French Immersion)

Subject Teachers

Mr. Skanes (Primary and Junior Music, etc - English)
Mlle. Wilsack (Junior Core French)
Mlle. Micanovic (Intermediate Core French)
Ms. Karstulovich (Jr/ Int Art; Coverage)
Mr. Donald (Phys. Ed)
Ms. Jehn (Primary Coverage)



Ms. Kingston McAllister and 
Ms. Beltrano


Ms. MacCharles Crain (K-2)  +  ELL

Educational Assistants

Ms. Mavalvala
Ms. Ryll
Ms. Soliceto