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Walking to School
Being a community school where all of our students are within walking distance we are pleased to see so many of you making the healthy choice and walking to school. This not only eases congestion in the Kiss 'n' Ride, but it is the beginning of instilling a lifelong healthy attitude in our children.

Please keep in mind, however, safety when walking to and from school:

  1. Never walk alone. There is safety in numbers, so the larger the group of friends you walk with, the better.
  2. Never respond if an adult stranger is trying to make converation. Keep on walking and head right home or to school. Inform your parents. Remember, adults do not ask for directions from children.
  3. Make sure that you are keeping a safe distance from people you don't know.
  4. If walking while on the phone or listening to music, make sure you are still paying attention around you. Do not cross the street without putting your call on hold or removing any earbuds.
  5. Co-operate with your Crossing Guard for our safety and the safety of students.
  6. Always let your parents know if there has been a change in your plans.
  7. Avoid taking short cuts through fields and parks.