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Post-Secondary Resources

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College Application Process

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Applying to Ontario Colleges

  • Researching programs and applying to an Ontario college is very straight forward and can all be done through
  • 28 Ontario Colleges
  • 4500 Programs

This website allows you to:

  • Research the programs and colleges available 
  • Apply to any of Ontario's 26 public colleges
  • Review and update your college application
  • View and accept offers of admission 
  • Highly Competitive Program Information (


University Application Process 

Ontario Universities

University Fall Preview Days 2018.docx

  • A guide to Ontario's universities for high school students 
  • Provides pre-requisites information and approximate admission averages
  • 23 Ontario Universities
  • > 2000 Programs


Ontario Univeristies' Application Centre (OUAC)




The following websites are a great place to begin your research and career exploration in the skilled trades:

Ontario College of Trades

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

Skills Ontario

Women in the Skilled Trades: Myths and Realities

Speak to a counsellor about the many opportunities in this high demand pathway.


Financing Post-Secondary 

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

How to Apply for OSAP (


  • When applying to OSAP there is an option to populate your information directly from your College/University application. 
  • This saves time and duplication

What is OSAP and when should I apply?

  • Government student assistance program made up of:
    • Grants – non-repayable
    • Loans – money that needs to be repaid
      • Combination of Federal and Provincial funding
      • Interest free while enrolled in full time post-secondary education
      • Repayment begins 6 months after you cease to be a full time student
  • Complete application on-line by end of June to allow for processing time
  • Pay attention to important dates and deadlines

How much OSAP will I receive?

  • OSAP funding is based on many factors including:
    • Student's resources
    • Family size – are you married or common law?
    • Are you an independent student – out of high school for 4 or more years?
  • Use Aid Estimator on OSAP for approximate funding assessment – amount subject to change
  • OSAP is not designed to cover all expenses, students are expected to be contributing to their education as well
  • Possible OSAP appeals available:
    • Additional Local Travel if you live at home
  • Check with your financial aid office for further assistance

OSAP Application

  • You will be required to provide SIN number
  • It is important to write down your OAN number, password and challenge questions - keep them in a safe place!
  • IMPORTANT – If you forget password or OAN number, visit any Financial Aid office with gov't ID and SIN card
  • Application will require student's income earned before and during study period
  • OSAP will automatically remit funding to your school if a balance is due

Last Steps – after you have reviewed & submitted application

  • Print signature/consent pages, complete and upload online or submit to Financial Aid office
  • Print and complete Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) and submit IN PERSON to a designated post office with SIN card and government photo ID
  • If you are a student who may require accessibility services or accommodations, contact your institution's Student Accessibility Services office to learn about additional funding that could be available to you
  • Monitor application status online through your OSAP portal

Release of Information (Option in your OSAP profile)

  • We are unable to speak to parents without consent from student
  • Voluntary selection, can be changed at any time
  • Not the same as giving up control of your OSAP account; forms, dates, deadlines, etc. are still your responsibility



  • Scholarship report available in guidance bi-monthly