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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort
Course Profiles


​Course Code ​Course Name ​Course Profile
AM1 1O1​ ​Grade 9 - Instrumental Music AMI 1O1
AMI 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Instrumental Music AMI 2O1
AMR 4M1​ ​Grade 12 - Repertoire Music AMR 4M1
AMG 2/3O1​ ​Grade 10/11 - Guitar Music AMG 2/3O1
ADA 1O1​ ​Grade 9 - Drama ADA 1O1
AVI 1O1​ ​Grade 9 - Visual Arts AVI 101
ADA 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Drama ADA 2O1
​ATC 2O1 ​Grade 10 - Dance ATC 201
AVI 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Visual Arts AVI 2O1
AWP 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Sculpture AWP 2O1
ADA 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - Drama ADA 3M1
ATC 3O1​ ​Grade 11 - Dance ATC 301
​AVI 3M1 ​Grade 11 - Crafts AVI 3M1
​AWN 3O1 ​Grade 11 - Painting AWN 3O1
​ADA 4M1 ​Grade 12 - Drama ADA 4M1
AVI 4M1​ ​Grade 12 - Visual Arts AVI 4M1
​AWN 4M1 ​Grade 12 - Portfolio Development AWN 4M1


BTT 1O1​ ​Grade 9 - Information and Communication Technology for Business BTT 101
​BBI 2O1 ​Grade 10 - Introduction to Business BBI 2O1
BDI 3C1​ ​Grade 11 - Entrepreneurship: The Venture BDI 3C1
BAF 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - Financial Accounting Fundamentals BAF 3M1
BTA 3O1​ ​Grade 11 - Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment BTA 3O1
​BMI 3C1 ​Grade 11 - Marketing: Goods, Services, Events BMI 3C1
​BAT 4M1 ​Grade 12 - Financial Accounting Principles BAT 4M1
BBB 4M1​ ​Grade 12 - Introduction to International Business BBB 4M1
​CIA 4U1 ​Grade 12 - Economics CIA 4U1
CLN 4U1​ ​Grade 12 - Law CLN 4U1
​IDC 4U1 G​rade 12 - Building Financial Security IDC 4U1

Canadian and World Studies

CGC 1P1​ ​Grade 9 - Applied Geography of Canada CGC 1P1
​CGC 1D1 ​Grade 9 - Academic Geography of Canada CGC 1D1
CGU 231​ ​Grade 10 - Open Geography of Europe & Asia CGU 231
CHC 2P1​ ​Grade 10 - Applied Contemporary Canadian History CHC 2P1
​CHC 2D1 ​Grade 10 - Academic Canadian and Contemporary History CHC 2D1
CHV 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Open Civics CHV 201
​CHA 3U1 ​Grade 11 - American History CHA 3U1
​CLU 3E1 ​Grade 11 - Understanding Canadian Law, Workplace level CLU 3E1
​CLU 3M1 ​Grade 11 -Understanding Canadian Law, College/University CLU 3M1
CHW 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - History to the 16th Century College/Universisty CHW 3M1
​CGG 3O1 ​Grade 11 - Open Travel and Tourism GCG 3O1
CGF 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - Physical Geography: Patterns, Processes and Interactions CGF 3M1
CGR 4E1​ ​Grade 12 - Workplace The Environment and Resource Management CGR 4E1
​CGR 4M1 ​Grade 12 - The Environment and Resource Management CGR 4M1
​CGW 4U1 ​Grade 12 - Canadian and World Issues - A Geographic Analysis CGW 4U1
​CHY 4C1 ​Grade 12- World History - The West and the World CHY 4C1
CHY 4U1​ ​Grade 12 - University World History: The West and the World CHY 4U1
​CIA 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University Economics CIA 4U1
​CLN 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University Law CLN 4U1


​ENG 1L1 ​Grade 9 - Locally Deveoped English ENG 1L1
ENG 1D1​ ​Grade 9 - Academic English ENG 1D1
ENG 1P1​ ​Grade 9 - Applied English ENG 1P1
ENG 2D1​ ​Grade 10 - Academic English ENG 2D1
​ENG 2P1 ​Grade 10 - Applied English ENG 2P1
​ENG 3E1 ​Grade 10 - Workplace English ENG 3E1
​ENG 3O1 ​Grade 11 - Media Studies EMS 3O1
ENG 3C1​ Grade 11 - College English​ ENG 3C1
​ENG 3U1 ​Grade 11 - University English ENG 3U1
OLC 4O1​ ​Grade 12 - Literacy Course OLC 4O1
​ENG 4E1 ​Grade 12 - Workplace English ENG 4E1
​ENG 4C1 ​Grade 12 - College English ENG 4C1
​ENG 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University English ENG 4U1

Co-operative Education

​CWE 2A9 ​Co-operative Education Half day CWE 2A9
​CWE 4A9 ​Co-operative Education Full Day CWE 4A9
GLC 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Career Studies GLC 2O1
GPP 3O1​ ​Grade 11 - Peer Helping GPP 3O1
​IDC 4U2 ​Grade 12 - Leadership Development IDC 4U2
​GLS 4O1 ​Advance Learning Strategies: Skills for Success after Secondary School GLC 4O1


​FSF 1D1 ​Grade 9 - Academic International Languages FSF 1D1
​FSF 1P1 ​Grade 9 - Applied International Languages FSF 1P1
​FSF 2D1 ​Grade 10 - International Languages FSF 2D1
FSF 3U1​ ​Grade 11 - University Preparation International Languages FSF 3U1
FSF 4U1​ ​Grade 12 - University Preparation International Languages FSF 4U1

Phys Ed

​PPL 1O3 ​Grade 9 - Boys Physical Education, Open PPL 103
​PPL 1O4 ​Grade 9 - Girls Physical Education, Open PPL 104
PAF 2O4​ ​Grade 10 - GirlsFitness, Open PAF 204
​PPL 2O3 ​Grade 10 - Boys Healthy Active Living, Open PPL 203
​PPL 2O4 ​Grade 10 - Open GirlsHealthy Active Living, Open PPL 204
PAF 3O4​ ​Grade 11 - Girls Fitness, Open
​PPL 3O1 ​Grade 11 - Elective PhysicalEducation, Open PPL 3O1
​PAF 4O4 ​Grade 12 - Girls Fitness, Open PAF 404
PPL 4O1​ ​Grade 12 - Elective Physical Education, Open PPL 4O1
​PSE 4U1 ​Grade 12 - Exercise Science, University PSE 4U1
PAF 4O1​ ​Grade 12 - Boys Fitness
​PAL 4O1 ​Grade 12 - Adaptive Physical Education , Open PAL 4O1


​MAT 1L1 ​Grade 9 - Locally Developed Essentials of Mathematics MAT 1L1
​MFM 1P1 ​Grade 9 - Applied Foundations of Mathematics MFM 1P1
MPM 1D1​ ​Grade 9 - Academic Principles of Mathematics MPM 1D1
MAT 2L1​ ​Grade 10 - Locally Developed Essentials of Mathematics MAT 2L1
​MFM 2P1 ​Grade 10 - Applied Foundations of Mathematics MFM 2P1
​MPM 2D1 ​Grade 10 - Academic Principles of Mathematics MPM 2D1
​MEL 3E1 ​Grade 11 - Workplace Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life MEL 3E1
​MBF 3C1 ​Grade 11 - College Preparation Foundations for College Mathematics MBF 3C1
MCF 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - University/College Functions and Applications MCF 3M1
​MCR 3U1 Grade 11 - University Functions​ MCR 3U1
​MEL 4E1 ​Grade 12 - Workplace Mathematics for Everyday Life MEL 4E1
​MAP 4C1 ​Grade 12 - College Foundations for College Math MAP 4C1
​MCV 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University Calculus and Vectors MCV 4U1
​MDM 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University Mathematics of Data Management MDM 4U1
MHF 4U1​ ​Grade 12 - University Advanced Functions MHF 4U1


​SNC 1L1 ​Grade 9 Locally Designed Science SNC 1L1
​SNC 1P1 ​Grade 9 - Applied Science SNC 1P1
​SNC 1D1 ​Grade 9 - Academic Science SNC 1D1
​SNC 2P1 ​Grade 10 - Applied Science SNC 2P1
​SNC 2D1 ​Grade 10 - Academic Science SNC 2D1
​SNC 2L1 ​Grade 10 - Locally designed Science SNC 2L1
SBI 3C1​ ​Grade 11 - College Biology SBI 3C1
​SVN 3E1 ​Grade 11 - Workplace Environmental Science SVN 3E1
​SVN 3M1 ​Grade 11 - University/College Environmental Science SVN 3M1
​SCH 3U1 ​Grade 11 - University Chemistry SCH 3U1
​SPH 3U1 ​Grade 11 - University Physics SPH 3U1
​SBI 3U1 ​Grade 11 - University Biology SBI 3U1
SES 4U1 ​Grade 12 - Earth and Space Science SES 4U1
​SNC 4E1 ​Grade 12 - Workplace Science SNC 4E1
​SNC 4M1 ​Grade 12 - University/College Science SNC 4M1
​SBI 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University Biology SBI 4U1
​SCH 4C1 ​Grade 12 - College Preparation Chemistry SCH 4C1
​SCH 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University Chemistry SCH 4U1
SPH 4C1​ ​Grade 12 - College Preparation Physics SPH 4C1
​SPH 4U1 ​Grade 12 - University Physics SPH 4U1

Special Education

​CGC 1PM ​Grade 9 - Modified Canadian Geography CGC 1PM
​ENG 1LM ​Grade9 - Modified Language and Literature ENG 1LM
​MAT 1LM ​Grade 9 - Modified Mathematics 1st half MAT 1LM
​MAT 1L2 ​Grade 9 - Modified Mathematics 2nd half
​SNC 1LM ​Grade 9 - Modified Science SNC 1LM
ENG 2LM​ ​Grade 10 - Modified Language and Literature ENG 2LM

Social Sciences and Humanities

​HIF 101 ​Grade 9 - Individuals and families in a Diverse Society, Open HIF 1O1
​HFN 2O1 ​Grade 10 - Food and Nutrition, Open HFN 2O1
​HNF 237 ​Grade 10 - Fashion Fundamentals, Open HNF 237
​HIP 3E1 ​Grade 11 - Managing Personal Resources HIP 3E1
HPW 3C1​ ​Grade 11 - Living and Working with Children, College Preparation HPW 3C1
HSP 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology HSP 3M1
​TDP 3M1 ​Grade 11 - Fashion & Creative Design TDP 4M1
​TFB 3E1 ​Grade 11 - Introduction to Baking, Workplace TFB 3E1
TFN 3C1​ ​Grade 11 - Introduction to Baking, College Preparation TFN 3C1
​HHS 4M1 ​Grade 12 - University/College Preparation Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society HHS 4M1
HSB 4M1​ ​Grade 12 - University/College Preparation Challenge and Change in Society HSB 4M1
HFA 4U1​ ​Grade 12 - University Preparation Food and Nutrition Sciences HFA 4U1
​TDP 4M1 ​Grade 12 - The Fashion Industry TDP 4M1
TFJ 4C1​ ​Grade 12 - Hospitality & Culinary Skills & Techniques, College Preparation TFJ 4C1
​TFJ 4E1 ​Grade 12 - Hospitality & Culinary Skills & Techniques, Workplace TFJ 4E1
​HSE 4M1 ​Grade 12 - Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice HSE 4M1.pdf


TIJ 101​ ​Grade 9 - Exploring Technology, Open TIJ 1O1
TGJ 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Communication Technology, Open TGJ 2O1
TDJ 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Technological Design, Open TDJ 2O1
TCJ 2O1​ ​Grade 10 - Construction Engineering Technology, University Preparation TCJ 2O1
​TTJ 2O1 ​Grade 10 -Transportation Technology, Open TTJ 2O1
​TEJ 3M1 ​Grade 11 - Computer Engineering, College/University Preparation TEJ 3M1
TGJ 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - Communication Technology, College/University Preparation TGJ 3M1
TDJ 3M1​ ​Grade 11 - Technological Design, College/University Preparation TDJ 3M1
​TCJ 3C1 ​Grade 11 - Construction Engineering Technology, College Preparation TCJ 3C1
​TTJ 3C1 ​Grade 11 -Transportation Technology, College Preparation TTJ 3C1
TTJ 3O1​ ​Grade 11 - Transportation Technology, Open TTJ 301
TDJ 4M1​ ​Grade 12 - Technological Design, College/University Preparation TDJ 4M1
TCJ 4C1​ ​Grade 12 - Construction Engineering Technology, College Preparation TCJ 4C1
​TGJ 4M1 ​Grade 12 - Communication Technology, College/University Preparation TGJ 4M1
​TGJ 4O1 ​Grade 12 - Communication Technology, Digital Imagery & Web Design TGJ 4O1
​TTJ 4C1 ​Grade 12 - Transportation Technology, College Preparation TTJ 4C1
​TTJ 4E1 ​Grade 12 - Workplace Transportation Technology, Locally developed TTJ 4E1