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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort
Computer Procedures
​The Durham District School Board is pleased to provide you with access to a variety of computing technology. Computing technology in Durham is provided for educational purposes, not for public access. They will help you to achieve your learning outcomes, research requirements, and assist with career preparation.
Please review this procedure with your parent/guardian. Procedures and rules regarding the use of the facilities and resources must be followed.

Acceptable Use

Students will not engage in cyber communications that cause someone to fear for his or her safety.
Students will use the computing technology as prescribed or approved by their teacher.
Students will not engage in Cyber-bullying, visiting unacceptable sites, and/or illegal activity.
Students will not engage in posting writing on the internet that is designed to insult or injure a person's reputation.
Students will accurately cite information from the Internet. Students will not plagiarize.
Students will abide by copyright laws. Students will not download and share copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s permission.
Students will abide by school procedures as outlined in the school agenda.
Students will not share passwords or data or misrepresent their identity.
Students will report all instances of hardware damage or changes to the desktop or operating system immediately.

Safe Use

Students will not post personal information about themselves or others. This information includes last name, age, sex, home addresses, telephone numbers, pictures, videos, routes taken to school, parents' hours of work, etc.
Students will inform the teacher immediately when accidental access to inappropriate materials or with unacceptable users has been made. Students will seek help from principals, teachers and parents when victimized by Cyber-bullying. Students will report Cyber-bullying concerns to principals, teachers and parents.

Appropriate Use

Students will be polite.
Students will not use language that is unacceptable in the classroom, including language that is homophobic, racist, sexist, harassing, violent, or otherwise unacceptable.
Students will not send messages containing information that would cause discomfort to themselves or others if it were written on a classroom blackboard or other public place.
Students will not use the computing technology in ways that will disrupt other users. Any tactics which harm or compromise the functionality of the system are forbidden.
Students will assume that all communications received are private and confidential and will not disseminate them without permission from the original author. Students will not collect or distribute personally identifiable information about others on the Internet.


While the Durham District School Board and Henry Street High School strive to maintain the efficient operation of the computing technology, it does not guarantee their reliability. Additionally, the Durham District School Board (including your school) does not guarantee the accuracy of information found on the Internet.

Recourse for Abuse/Misuse

Students who do not follow this procedure AND those rules provided by their teachers and the school Student Code of Behaviour will have their computing technology privileges suspended pending review. Students are reminded that the board Student Code of Conduct states that a student may be suspended or expelled from his or her school, expelled from attending any school in Ontario, and/or prohibited from engaging in school-related activities if the student commits an infraction of the Code of Conduct while he or she is at school, or engaged in a school-related activity, or engaged in conduct that has a relationship to the school or school community. Recourse and disciplinary measures are outlined in the school Student Code of Behaviour, Safe School Act, and Provincial Code of Conduct. Legal recourse may also be applied for criminal activities.

Acceptable and Safe Use for Computing Technology.pdfAcceptable and Safe Use for Computing Technology.pdf (Letter to Parents)