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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort
Social Sciences and Humanities

​Why you might want to take a course from our amazing department?

If you want to know ....
• Why people behave the way they do
• Why your parents are the way they are and why it is important they are that way
• Why nutrition really does matter and why fast food is killing you.
• How to prepare yourself for a career in any field that deals with
      people (Eg. Tourism, teaching, advertising, psychology)
• How to reduce stress by managing your resources wisely.
• How fashion trends are created.
• How to make your own creations.
• WHY???

Course Options:

HIF 1O (Individual and Family Living in Canada)
HFN20 (Food and Nutrition)
HPW 3C (Working with Infants and Young Children)
HIP 3O (Managing Personal Resources)
HNC 3O (Fashion and Creative Expression)
HSP 3U (Introduction to Psych., Soc., and Anthro.)
HFC 3M (Food and Culture)
HSB 4U (Challenge and Change in Society)
HHS 4U (Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society)
HPD 4C (Working with School Age Children and Adolescents)
HNB 4O (Fashion Industry)
HZT 4U (Philosophy: Questions and Theories)

"The humanities (liberal arts) play a special role in education, for without them, we would merely be training students, not educating them. Typically in our high-tech age, engineers, for example, are no longer practising engineering 10 years after graduating. Therefore instilling the ability to think about sociological, psychological and political issues is crucial in preparing them for the leadership roles they will play."
Robert Birgeneau
President, University of Toronto
U of T Magazine, vol. 28, no. 3 , Spring 2001