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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort
​"The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s the one who asks the right questions."
Claude Levi-Strauss


The science department at Henry provides students a variety of opportunities to improve their scientific literacy and prepare themselves for a world where science plays an increasingly important role in their lives and careers.

Courses Offered

SNC 1DI Grade 9 Academic Science
SNC 1P1 Grade 9 Applied Science
SNC 1L1 Grade 9 Locally Designed
SNC 2D1 Grade 10 Academic Science
SNC 2P1 Grade 10 Applied Science
SNC 2L1 Grade 10 Locally Designed
SVM 3M1 Grade 11 University/College Environmental Science
SVM 3E1 Grade 11 Workplace Environmental Science
SBI 3C1 Grade 11 College Biology
SBI 3U1 Grade 11 University Biology
SCH 3U1 Grade 11 University Chemistry
SPH 3U1 Grade 11 University Physics
SNC 4M1 Grade 12 Medical Technologies
SBI 4U1 Grade 12 University Biology
SCH 4U1 Grade 12 University Chemistry
SPH 4U1 Grade 12 University Physics
SCH 4C1 Grade 12 College Chemistry
SPH 4C1 Grade 12 College Physics
SES 4U1 Grade 12 Earth and Space Science

Upcoming Contests and Competitions:

Avogadro Contest (Grade 11 Chemistry) on May 17th

Chem 13 Contest (Grade 12 Chemistry) on May 10th

Henry Street Science Olympics (May - TBA)

Durham Science Olympics (May - TBA)


Eric Webb (Department Head, Physics, and Computer Science)
Harry Melohe (Chemistry and General Science)
Heidi McIntyre (Chemistry, Biology, and General Science)
Sean McMillan (General Science)
Ed Flynn (Biology, Environmental Science, and General Science)
Brian Galloway (Biology and General Science)
Katherine Ibsen (Biology and General Science)
Bryan Iaboni (Physics and General Science)