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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort


​"It is precisely the absence of a single solution to a problem that fosters and strengthens a student's critical thinking. Through the exercise of one's judgmental faculties a more adaptive and creative approach to real life problem solving may evolve. Few are the situations where we truly have no alternatives. It is to our advantage to own a multiplicity of perspectives; this usually open-ended nature of art provides an ideal medium for the practice of critical thinking."
Constance Baumgartner, 1987
A Survey of Issues in Art Education

Program Overview

Welcome to Henry Street High School Music Program!
The music program at Henry Street High School is an inclusive environment which focuses on excellence in music education:  we offer instruction in instrumental, vocal and guitar.  Students are encouraged to pursue their main area of interest both within the traditional curriculum as well as through our newly expanded extra-curricular program.  All of our courses emphasize the balance between practice and performance.  Our program also includes a strong background in music theory, composition, music history and performance in various styles.

Instrumental Courses

AMI 101 – Grade 9 Open
AMI 201 – Grade 10 Open
AMI 3M1 Grade 11 College/University
AMI Grade 12 College/University

Vocal Courses

AMV 101 – Grade 9 Open
AMV 201 – Grade 10 Open
AMV 3M1 Grade 11 College/University
AMV Grade 12 College/University

Guitar Courses

AMG 201 – Grade 10 Open
AMG 3M1 Grade 11 College/University
AMG Grade 12 College/University


Many graduates continue with post-secondary studies in music.  Several graduates are currently studying music at Sir Wilford Laurier, Queen’s and McGill University.
What Students Learn:
To become excellent musicians
-         Our students develop confidence through live performance.
-         Our students develop the skills necessary to work independently and in groups in order to achieve success.
-         Our students understand the importance of self-discipline, work ethic and regular practice in order to achieve excellence.
-         Our students gain a thorough understanding of musical theory, composition, performance practices in order to fully prepare either for a post-secondary education or to enhance a life-long appreciation of music.
-         Our students understand the importance of providing a safe and positive performance environment.

Activities and Clubs

In addition to the curricular activities, over 50 Henry Street High School students participate in 3 different extracurricular musical groups:
Concert Band
Jazz Band
Two Major Concerts per year
Groups have performed at music festival, hockey games, fashion shows and various other venues.


Henry Street High School music students have the opportunity to attend live musical performances and create valuable partnerships with other students.
Henry Street High School music students recently participated in a Master Class with professional musicians from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in conjunction with the Durham Youth Orchestra.
Musical experts will continue to be invited to our program on a regular basis