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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort


Program Description

The focus of the Mathematics department is to help students develop their reasoning, problem solving and communication skills. The skills developed can be applied in other subject areas such as Science, Math, Technology, Business and Geography.

Students require three mathematics credits to graduate. See flowchart below for pathway options.

Courses Offered and their Prerequisites


Extra Help/Study Tips

-       Kids Helping Kids lunchtime math tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday in room 410 at lunch
-       homework.jpgFree On-line Homework Help - (Grades 7-10)
         o    Find on-line lessons for many topics in both math and science. 
               Great for getting caught up from class absences.

-       Gizmos (
         o    Interactive activities and tutorial sessions 

-       Links to helpful math resources:​


Grade 9 Math EQAO Dates:   

Semester 2 - Thursday June 14, 2018

Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Math Contests - Tuesday February 27, 2018

Euclid Math Contest - Wednesday April 11, 2018