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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort
Welcome to the Henry Street High School English Department. Our aim as teachers is to help produce tomorrow's scholars and citizens. A solid foundation in the English language is an essential key to success in Canadian society. Through a comprehensive program, focusing on various forms of writing, grammar, literature, oral expression, and media studies, we hope to enable students to succeed in their lives during and after high school.


The English Department offers the following courses. Some courses may not run every year, depending on enrollment numbers. More information about all of these courses is available at the Ministry of Education
Grade 9 Academic English ENG1D1
Grade 9 Applied English ENG1P1
Grade 9 Essential English ENG1L1
Grade 10 Academic English ENG2D1
Grade 10 Applied English ENG2P1
Grade 10 Essential English ENG2L1
Grade 11 University English ENG3U1
Grade 11 College English ENG3C1
Grade 11 Workplace English ENG3E1
Grade 11 Media Studies EMS3O1
Grade 11 Literacy Skills ELS3O1
Grade 12 University English ENG4U1
Grade 12 College English ENG4C1
Grade 12 Workplace English ENG4E1
Grade 12 Business English EBT4O1
Grade 12 Studies in Literature ETS4U1
Grade 12 Writer's Craft EWC4U1
Grade 12 Ontario Literacy Course OLC401

Department Policies

Plagiarism: Any assignment that is plagiarized, in whole or in part, will receive a mark of zero. Names of all offenders will be kept on a list in the department office for the reference of other teachers.
Non-Negotiable Due Dates: Many assignments in all courses will have non-negotiable due dates. This means that assignments will not be accepted late unless they are accompanied by a doctor's note.
Book Return: It is a student's responsibility to return all textbooks and other materials in reasonable condition. Failure to do so will result in the student compensating the school for the loss or damage.



This link connects to the Modern Language Association's main page. Henry Street High School uses the MLA formatting system.
This link connects to the most recent edition of Roget's thesaurus.
This link connects to a site that reproduces the complete works of William Shakespeare. Complete Works of Shakespeare