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Canadian World Studies

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History is a subject that students are required to take as part of their grade 10 program. A variety of other history courses are also offered for grade 11 and 12 students. In grade 11, students can choose from Ancient and Medieval history, Twentieth Century World History, as well as Workplace or Advanced Law. Grade 12 students can choose from a Western Civilizations course, a Canadian History course, Economics, and Law.

Courses Offered

History Courses

Grade 10 Canadian History, CHC 2D1, CHC 2P1, CHC 2L1 –Academic, Applied and Locally Developed (Compulsory)
Grade 10 Civics, CHV 2O1 – Open (Compulsory)
Grade 11 World History to 1600, CHW 3M1 – College/University
Grade 11 Twentieth Century World History, CHT301 - Open
Grade 12 World History: The West and the World, CHY4U1 - University
Grade 12 Canadian History, CHI 4U1 – University

Law Courses

Grade 11 Understanding Canadian Law, CLU 3M1 – College/University
Grade 11 Understanding Canadian Law, CLU 3E1 – Workplace
Grade 12 Canadian and International Law, CLN 4U1 - University
Economic Courses
Grade 12 Analyzing Current Economic Issues, CIA 4U1 – University