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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort
Mental Health

Mental Health

The Durham District School Board has identified good mental health as a priority. To this end,
the Board has embarked on a number of initiatives and partnered with mental health
organizations to implement Mental Health First Aid, literacy and stigma reduction, and has
established a Mental Health Ad Hoc Committee.
The committee believes that:
• Good mental health is an issue of importance for society and our school system can make a difference in supporting good mental health;
• Mental concerns/illness can be manifested in a variety of ways including bullying, acts of violence, aggression and/or self-harm;
• Good physical and mental health is an important foundation for student achievement and
student and staff well-being;
• While DDSB staff are not mental health professionals, we can support good mental health of students and staff through collaborative relationships with community partners.
The Mental Health and Addictions Strategic Plan has identified five links of influence for positive mental health:
* Building Resiliency                                                         
* Breaking Down the Stigma
* Building Skills and Knowledge
* Engaging Parent/Guardians and Families
* Working Collaboratively with Community Partners
This strategic plan recognizes and understands how school success is critically dependent on good mental health.
                                                          Linking Healthy Minds for a Positive Future- Mental Health and Addictions
                                                                                                                                                                Strategic Plan 2013-2018
Students who are experiencing difficulty are encouraged to speak with their guidance counsellor and/or vice principal who can provide them with contact information for resources which may be of assistance. Some of these are listed below:

Mental Health Resources for Students and Families:

COPE Mental Health                                                                              (905) 668-6223
Durham Mental Health – Crisis Response:                                               (905) 666-0483
Frontenac Youth Services                                                                       (905) 579-1551
HOPE Parent Support Group                                                                  1-866-492-1299
Kids Help Phone                                                                                   1-800-668-6868
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences                                    (905) 430-4055


Kinark Child and Family Services Central Intake                                       1-888-454-6275


Durham Health Department Mental Health Information