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Henry Street High School
Success Through Effort

EXCITING NEWS! The OverDrive e-book system is up and running for the DDSB:

Read on your ChromeBook or phone!

Read on-line or off-line!

                             No overdues!

Come and see your friendly Teacher-Librarian for a demo, or ask for your class to come for a lesson.  So many options: YA, Audiobooks, Read Alongs, Non-Fiction! 

 Fiction and Non-Fiction


tumblebookcloud.jpgClick on the icon to access the Teen Book Cloud -- read fiction on your personal electronic device. Make sure you check out the Read Alouds!

See Ms. Maxwell, Mrs. Pucknell or Ms. Lock for the username and password.


Check out this great resource: From the Brain to the Classroom a searchable reference text for use in Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, English, History and so many more classes!

See Ms. Maxwell, Mrs. Pucknell or Ms. Lock for the username and password.


Gale Virtual Reference Library Button.gifClick on the icon to access hundreds of non-fiction titles.  This is a trial database and we have access until June, 2014. 

See Ms. Maxwell, Mrs. Pucknell or Ms. Lock for the username and password.


Oprah Winfrey.jpg Jesse Owens.jpg


Ancient World.jpg Medieval World.jpg Elizabethan England.jpg Eighteenth Century.jpg
Nineteenth Century.jpg Victorian Age.jpg Twentieth Century.jpg Fashion 20's and 30's.jpg
Fashion 50's and 60's.jpg Fashion 80's and 90's.jpg


African-American Social Leaders.jpg Boston Tea Party.jpg Civil Rights Marches.jpg Civil War.jpg
Cold War.jpg Louisiana Purchase.jpg Political Revolutions.jpg US Constitution.jpg
Handbook Medieval World.jpg Handbook Renaissance Europe.jpg


Food Alert.jpg

 Social Issues

From the Brain to the Classroom.jpg Earthquake in Haiti.jpg Serial Killers.jpg Gangs.jpg
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.jpg Mental Disorders.jpg Poverty.jpg
TA Abuse.jpg TA ADHD.jpg TA Alcohol.jpg TA Anxiety.jpg
TA Death.jpg TA Divorce.jpg TA Drugs.jpg TA Eating Disorders.jpg
TA Family Life.jpg TA Gambling.jpg TA Illness.jpg TA Internet.jpg
TA Rape.jpg TA Sexual Behaviour.jpg TA Smoking.jpg TA Suicide.jpg
TA Violence.jpg