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Special Education


The mission of Special Education within the Durham District School Board (DDSB) is to provide a range of programs, placements and services for students with special needs in a supportive environment which enables them to develop to their full potential as students and as members of their communities.

DDSB staff, students, parents and community partners, with the resources available, will collectively strive to ensure that:
  • effective communication and collaboration are fostered to ensure a team approach to meeting students needs;
  • assessment data is used to best meet individual student needs;
  • appropriate resources are provided and supported for students and staff;
  • professional development opportunities are provided and supported for students and staff;
  • structures are in place to continuously review and revise current practice and student achievement.

The Durham District School Board remains committed to special education and to offering parents and students a range of placement options.
All students brought to Identification, Placement and Review Committees (I.P.R.C.s) in Durham are identified using the Ministry Categories of Exceptionalities.
These include:
  • behaviour;
  • communication (autism, deaf and hard of hearing, language impairment, speech impairment, learning disability);
  • intellectual (giftedness, mild intellectual disability, developmental disability, intellectual disability);
  • physical (physical disability, blind and low vision); and
  • multiple (multiple exceptionalities).