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E.A. Fairman Public School
Caring and Sharing


 1. There is just ONE lane in the Drop-off-zone, for the duration of the entire loop. Please DO NOT PASS once you have entered the loop.
2. There is NO PARKING anywhere inside the loop of the Drop-off-zone.
3. Please follow the traffic slowly all the way to the far side before letting passengers out. Early exiting is dangerous and slows traffic.
4. Students are to be let out on the passenger side only for their safety.
5. Please DO NOT get out of your car. An adult on duty will help your children out of the car. Please have all backpacks, etc. within reach to help children exit your car quickly and safely. (e.g. Do not put them in the trunk when leaving home.)
6. If you wish to park, please use the lower east parking lot off of Palace Street only.
7. Entrance into the main parking lot is CLOSED during all drop off and pick up times. Children are not allowed in the parking lot. 
8. Please respect the pylons. They indicate that an area or lane is closed.
9. With increased cooperation, this will be a safe zone for our students. We will attempt to make it as efficient as possible, and ask for your patience for just a few moments during your time in the Drop-off-zone.
10. Hints for a relaxing morning: Arrive a few minutes early, and beat the rush. Park away from the school and enjoy a morning walk with your children.