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E.A. Fairman Public School
Caring and Sharing


School Community Councils (SCC's) have always been a vital part of our school communities, providing strong links between home and school to create a positive learning environment for students. 

SCC's are comprised of parents, school staff, and community members who work together to support student achievement. SCC members are elected by the school community, within the first 30 days of the school year, and work together to advise the principal on matters related to the school.

E.A. Fairman’s 2018 - 2019 School Community Council:


SCC Members

Elections were held on September 20, 2018 with the following results (max 15 voting members):

1. Chair: Jen Sims

2. Vice-Chair: Jocelyn Greenwood

3. Treasurer: Rob van Mil & Katie van Mil

4. Secretary: Kathleen O'Connor


Voting Members

5. Melissa Nash

6. Jamie Rule

7. Jody Bowskill

8. Colleen & Jason Luscombe

9. Alison Bassingthwaite

10. Shannon von Palleske

11. Kevin Finch-Alexander

12. Corinne Baechler

13. Andrea Clarke

14. Meghan Gaudet

15. Cathy Goodwin


2018 - 2019 School Year

SCC Minutes September 2018.pdf

SCC Minutes October 2018.pdf

SCC Minutes November 2018.pdf

SCC Minutes January 2019.pdf

SCC Minutes February 2019.pdf 

2017 - 2018 School Year

SCC Minutes September 2017.doc

SCC Minutes October 2017.doc

SCC Minutes November 2017.doc

SCC Minutes January 2018.doc

SCC Minutes February 2018.doc