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Co-operative Education Programs at Eastdale Collegiate
Experiential learning programs such as Cooperative Education can help all students who are bound for college, university, apprenticeship and the trades, or the workplace. It assists with career decisions as well as the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are expected in our society.
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Co-op is an opportunity for students to do the following:
  • Experience work destinations that may be a part of future plans
  • Earn credits towards diploma requirements
  • Apply, practice and extend knowledge and skills learned in school
  • Match a community work placement to individual interests and abilities
  • Gain essential skills and knowledge for the workplace
How do I apply for Co-op?
  1. Choose the code for 2 or 4 credit Co-op in course planner
  2. Complete the "Application for Cooperative Education" and hand it in to the Co-op or Guidance Office
  3. Attend a scheduled interview with a Co-op teacher
Before applying for Co-op, a student should...
  • Have successfully completed 14 credits before the placement begins
  • Be at least 16 years of age before the placement begins
  • Maintain good attendance
  • Complete the application package including the signatures of two teachers who would recommend you for the program
  • Have an idea of a potential work placement
  • Be prepared for the additional costs that could occur due to the placement ie/ safety equipment and transportation expense
  • Be prepared to meet workplace expectations regarding dresscode and grooming
  • Be aware of the the possible expectation for additional health tests and criminal background checks


Apprenticeship and Co-op Education (OYAP)

Eastdale's Co-op Education program and the Durham District School Board provides opportunities for students to begin an apprenticeship while still enrolled in high school through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).
An OYAP student can:
  • Use a Co-op Education program to gain experience in a skilled trade and explore apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Apply Co-op Education credits towards the high school diploma while spending time in a community placement learning practical skills for that apprecticeable trade.
  • Experience training in that trade and decide if apprenticeship is part of the future destination.
  • Communicate about the apprenticeship process and requirements.
Regional Accelerated Ontario Youth Apprencticeship Programs (Regional OYAP):
Regional Accelerated OYAP opportunities offered by the Durham District School Board may include, pending annual approval and interest, Automotive Service Technician, Cook/Chef, Developmental Service Worker, Early Childhood Educator, Electrician, General Carpentry, General Machinist, Hairstylist, Plumbing, Small Engines, and Welding.
The Regional Accelerated OYAP program is an oustanding opportunity allowing students to earn high school and college dual credits while completing their level one apprenticeship training.
To apply for Regional Accelerated OYAP:
  1. Apply for Co-op and seek a placement in an apprenticeable trade.
  2. Complete all the requirements for an OYAP interview at the Durham District School Board in the spring of the preceeding year.
  3. Agree to follow an education plan designed specifically for the apprenticeship destination while completing all courses required by the OSSD by the end of the OYAP semester
  4. Have demonstrated competencies in Math, English, Science and Technological Studies courses with a recommended average of 70% in college or university level courses.
At the end of the OYAP semester, students must accept responsibility for completing their apprenticeship training. This involves securing employment as an apprentice, continuing to work as an apprentice after graduation to complete the required competencies outlined in the Training Standard for the trade, and achieving a passing mark on all required tests and exams for certification.
Other Co-op Education Opportunites in the Durham District School Board:
Durham Pathways to Success Focus Programs are offered in selected high schools throughout the DDSB. Some of these programs require transferring to another school in order to participate. For a complete listing of these programs, contact Guidance or Cooperative Education at Eastdale or visit the Durham District School Board Website for the Pathways to Student Success Program Guide.
Co-operative contacts:
Mr. Nott, Ms. Wallace, Mrs. MacDonald