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Eastdale CVI
Departments at Eastdale
Department​ ​Course Areas Head​
The Arts​ ​Includes Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts courses, as well as the Eastdale School of the Arts. ​Mr. Isabella

Business Studies and Library

​Includes Introduction to Business, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Information Technology, International Business, Business Management, and all other business courses. ​Mrs. Whiteman
English​ ​Includes all compulsory and elective English courses. ​Mrs. Charles
​Canadian & World Studies ​Includes Geography, History, Civics, Travel & Tourism, Law, Spacial Technologies (Geomatics), World Issues, Native Studies and all other related courses. ​Mrs. MacDougall

​Classical Studies, Inter-national Languages, and FSL

​Includes Classical Studies and all compulsory and elective language courses in French, German, and Latin.

Mr. Bilmer

Computer Studies​ ​Includes grade 11 and grade 12 computer programming/ information technology courses. ​Ms. Wallace
​Guidance & Co-operative Education ​Includes the co-operative education program, grade 10 Career Studies, Learning Strategies, and Discovering the Workplace, as well as guidance. ​Ms. McPhadden
Mathematics​ ​Includes all mathematics courses grades 9 through 12. ​Mr. Park
​Physical Education ​Includes all compulsory and elective physical education courses including outdoor education, exercise science, and leadership. ​Mr. Wyles
​Science ​Includes all compulsory and elective science courses including senior physics, chemistry and biology courses. ​Mr. Wisnicki
Social Sciences & the Humanities ​Includes family studies, food and nutrition, fashion, anthropology, philosophy, raising healthy children, and related courses. ​Ms. Dunkerley
​Special Education ​Including modified, ME and PLP courses. ​TBA
​Technological Studies Includes communications technology, yearbook, construction technology,
custom woodworking, photography, hospitality & tourism, welding, technological design, healthcare, transportation technology.
Ms. Wallace