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Research from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the National Research Council (U.S.) shows that participation in extracurricular activities, sports and clubs are key characteristics for evaluating student engagement and students’ sense of belonging at school. This research also shows that both engagement and belonging have a significant impact on students’ overall success.
According to the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, “extracurricular activities can . . . foster lifelong appreciation and interests, preparing a young person for life in ways that go beyond academic success.”
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Eastdale students can engage in a wide range of clubs, teams, and activities.  Students are encouraged to listen for announcements and watch for posters advertising team tryouts and club meeting times.
Some Eastdale teams and clubs are listed below:
Fall Sports 2017
​Sport ​Girls/Boys ​Jr/Sr ​Coach(es)
​Basketball​ ​Girls ​Jr ​​Ms. MacDonald, Ms. Short
Basketball​ ​Girls ​Sr ​N/A
​Cross Country ​Girls/Boys ​Mgt/Jr/Sr ​Mr. Kennedy
​Field Hockey ​Girls Varsity​ Mrs. Robichaud
​Football ​Boys Jr​ Mr. Coulson, Scotti
​Golf - Tourn. Play ​Boys ​Varsity Mr. McNee​
​Tennis ​Boys/Girls Jr/Sr​ TBA
Winter Sports 2017 - 2018
​Sport Girls/Boys​ Jr/Sr​ Coach(es)​
​Basketball Boys​ Jr​. Mr. Ferguson​, Mr. Sivitelli
​Basketball​Boys​Sr.​Mr. Coulson, Mr. Lynch, S. Cunning
​Bowling ​Boys/Girls ​Varsity ​Mr. Astill
​Curling​Boys/Girls​Ms. McPhadden
​Hockey ​Boys ​Jr/Sr ​Mr. Cregg, Simpson
​Swimming ​Boys/Girls ​Jr/Sr ​Ms. Jefferson
​Volleyball ​Girls ​Jr ​Mrs. Harrison, Ms. Short
​Volleyball ​Girls ​Sr Mr. Kennedy​
​Volleyball​Boys​Jr​Mrs. Harrison
​Wrestling ​Boys/Girls ​Age/Wt ​Mr. Cook
 Spring Sports 2018
​Sport Boys/Girls​ ​Jr/Sr Coach(es)​
Badminton ​Boys/Girls Jr/Sr​ Ms. Barrett​, Ms. MacDonald
​Baseball ​Boys ​Varsity ​Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Hyndman
​Golf - Match Play ​Boys ​Varsity ​Mr. McNee
​Rugby ​Boys ​Midget Mr. McNee, Mr. Cregg
​Rugby ​Boys ​Jr ​Mr. Scotti
Rugby​ ​Boys ​Sr ​Mr. Wyles
​Rugby ​Girls ​Varsity ​Mrs. Robichaud
​Soccer ​Girls ​Jr ​Mr. Buchanan
​Soccer ​Girls ​Sr ​Mrs. Harrison
​Track ​Boys/Girls ​Mgt/Jr/Sr Mr. Astill​
Clubs and Activities
Club​ Teacher​ ​Comments
​Art Club Ms. Neville Room 116 or 117 at Lunchtime​
Athletic Council​ Ms. Short ​All students, including non-athletes can join.
Culinary Club​ TBA Learn to cook and bake and get community hours!​
​Eastdale Dance Pak Ms. Dunkerley​ September to June - Audition Required​
​Eastdale Theatre Company Mr. Bilmer​/Mr. Isabella Various Productions throughout the year.​
​Eastdale Impact Mrs. Mills Social Impact Activities​
Environmental Club​ ​Mrs. Musial
Meets Thursdays in room 225​
​Fashion Club Mrs.​ Lacoursiere Room 215 at Lunchtime​
​All Genders & Sexualities Alliance Mrs. Robichaud
​Camp Committee Mrs. Hanna, Mr. Hyndman​ Student-run committee which organizes the
yearly leadership camp.​

Prom Committee
​Mrs. MacDougall,
Ms. Dunkerley,

Grade 12 students who wish to
help organize their class prom.​
Robotics Club​ ​Mr. Wisnicki Prepares students for the annual
UOIT Robotics Challenge in December​
Student Council​ Mr. Spencer,
Mrs. Whiteman​
Organizes student activities throughout the year.​
Travel Club​ Mr. Bilmer Organizes an annual trip during during March break.
​White Pine
Reading Club
Mrs. Whiteman,
Mrs. Coronado​
Promotes literacy through the 10 Canadian authored
White Pine books each year.
​Young Blood For Life             Mrs. Callaghan​ Runs trips ​to the Canadian Blood Donor Services
clinic where eligible students can donate blood.
​Music Performance Group Teacher​ ​Comment
​Wind Ensemble ​Mr. Lynch ​Rehearsal: Every Thursday 3-5pm
​Concert Band ​Mr. Isabella ​Rehearsal: Every Tuesday 3-5pm
Jazz Band​ ​Mr. Isabella ​Rehearsal: Every Wednesday 3-5pm
​Choir ​Mr. Isabella ​Rehearsal: Every Wednesday 3-5pm
​Pit Band (Eastdale Theatre Company) ​Mr. Isabella ​Performs music for our Musical Productions




​Dance Performance Groups Teacher​
​Dance Pak ​Ms. Dunkerley


Visual Arts


​Visual Ats Clubs ​Teacher
​Knit - Witts ​Ms. Dunkerley
​Art Club ​Mrs. Neville
​Set Design ​Mrs. Neville


Dramatic Arts


​Dramatic Performance Groups ​Teacher(s)
​Sears Dramatic Production ​Mrs. Coronado
​Eastdale Theatre Musical Production ​Mr. Bilmer, Ms. Dunkerley,  Mr. Isabella, Mrs. Lacoursiere, Mr. Lynch,  Mrs. Neville
​Theatre of the Absurd ​Mrs. Coronado
​Director's Showcase ​Mrs. Coronado
​Puppetry Show ​Mrs. Coronado
​Children's Theatre and Educational Workshops ​Mrs. Coronado
​Theatre Tech Crew ​Mr. Isabella
​Involvement with an Ontario Arts Council Project through Empty Cup Media ​Colin Burwell, Carla Sinclair, Mrs.Coronado, Ms. Dunkerley, Mr. Isabella, Mrs. Neville



Eastdale Student Council Members 2017-2018


Cailtlyn Emberley ​Prime Minister
Tamara Donnelly ​Deputy Prime Minister
Emma Sachs ​Minister of Administration & Finance
Kulsom Modan ​Minister of Public Relations
Maggie Holmes & Abby Jacobs ​Minister of ​Spirit/Social Affairs
Deb GomesMinister of ​Community Service & Fundraising
Ben Wilson & Meegan Petrie​​Minister of Grade 9 Affairs