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Dunbarton High School
"Conari quaerere invenire"
Late Policy
Late arrival interrupts the teaching and learning process in the classroom. If students are late they must report to the office to sign in. Subject teachers will inform the office of chronic lateness between classes. If a student arrives late for class without permission, then there will be a progression of interventions to change this behavior.
The late policy at Dunbarton High School is as follows:
​Number of Lates Consequences​
1-4​ ​Student encouraged to be on time
​5 ​Student must speak to VP, parents contacted
​6 ​Late warning sent home
​8 ​Office consequences (detention)
​9 ​Student must speak to VP, parents contacted
​10 ​Office consequences which may include:  In-School suspension, Formal Suspension
or Restorative Conference
Student success is directly related to time on task and continued tardiness will impact on student achievement. Persistent lateness contributes to the loss of valuable class time and creates disruption to the learning of others.