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Donald A. Wilson Secondary School

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Your Teacher Librarians, Ms. Hung and Mrs. Pringle are here to help! 

 Library hours:

       Monday - Thursday  7:50 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

       Friday                        7:50 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Use this website to find:

  • great research tools such as databases and useful web links
  • tools for referencing
  • links to presentation software and Web 2.0 tools
  • information on amazing books and exciting reading programs, such as White Pine.
Frequently Asked Questions

When is the library open? 7:50 AM - 3:10 PM daily unless otherwise posted.
How do I sign out books? You'll need your student card or some other form of ID.
What do I do if I lose my student card? Let the main office know and they'll request a new one for you.

How many books can I sign out? 5

How long can I have the books?
3 weeks. If you know you'll need the book longer, just let us know and we can change the date for you.
What if I need the book longer than three weeks?
You don't need the book or your card to renew. Just come to the library check-out desk and 
let us know that you need to renew material.
What happens if my book is late?
To avoid fines, renew your books on or before the due date stamped in the back.
What are the rules for computer use in the library? 
Library computers may only be used for school work.
What do I do if I can't log onto the school computers or I forget my password?
See us to reset your password.
How much does it cost to print?
There is no charge to print one copy of school work. 
If you print more than one copy there is a charge of ten cents ($0.10) per page.
How much does the photocopier cost? 10 cents ($0.10) per page

Can I access the online encyclopedias and databases from home?
Yes, but you'll need usernames and passwords. Please ask the Librarian regarding this service.
Do you take book suggestions? 
Absolutely! We accept suggestions and will do our best to fulfill any requests.