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Donald A. Wilson Secondary School
Student Council

Student Council is a student body whose mandate is to maintain strong communication amongst students and staff, and ensure "student engagement" (or school spirit).  These students are responsible for planning and implementing social and issue-based events at Donald A. Wilson. Each year, Student Council runs activities for students including grade 9 orientation, grade 9 mentorship, dances, therapy dogs at exam time, Friday lunchtime "spirit" events in the cafeteria and helps to support other clubs/teams in the school in any way they can. 

Student Council is made up of an elected and appointed Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister, along with Ministers of Communications, Equity, Mental Wellness, Spirit, Social Affairs, Community Impact, Mentorship, Athletics and Arts. Ministers have been designated specific roles that will help to impact the different facets of school life in a positive way.

Any student can join Student Council and can assist with the planning and implementation of events.  In the spring, students can run for positions in Student Council for the following school year – it is recommended that the student first be a part of the general Student Council, to gain experience and make connections.  Application forms will be provided for interested students and elections will be held in late May – listen for announcements or see Mrs. Reid for more information.

Student Council Staff Advisors:

Mrs. Reid (Math Office), Mr. Maillet (Math Office) & Mr. Cunning (English Office)