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Donald A. Wilson Secondary School


Please refer to the Durham Student Transportation Services website for any transportation updates, delays or cancellations. 


If your child is bussed:

  • If you are not able to make alternate arrangements for your child to attend school, parents/guardians are required to inform the school via Safe Arrival phone line, app or website prior 9:00 AM on the day of school.  Please select the "Bus Cancellation" code when creating an absence. 
  • Your child's absence will be entered as a "Grant Day" that will not affect perfect attendance.  This code should only be used on days when busses are cancelled in your school zone.
  • NOTE: If parents/guardians do not excuse the absence of their child, the system will generate calls home asking to verify the absence.

If your child is not bussed:

  • If you choose to keep your child at home due to weather conditions - you are still required to call the Safe Arrival line prior to 9:00 AM. Please enter the code that is appropriate for the absence ie "Illness" or "Appointment".  The "Bus Cancellation" code should only be used on days when busses have been cancelled in your school zone and you would prefer to keep your child at home due to weather conditions.


Please use the Safe Arrival website ( or cell phone app to report an absence.  You have up to 9:00AM for the current day. You may also call ​​1-844-350-2646.

Any absences not reported prior to this time, same day, notifications will go out automatically to your preferred contact method listed on our system. Please listen to the automated message completely and use your key pad to update the system appropriately and end the call.  

DSTS Automated Information Line: 1-866-908-6578 
DSTS Office Line: 905-666-6395
In mid-August routing details for the new school year will be available to parents.
Parents can access information about their child’s pickup/dropoff times/location of bus stop via the 24 hour automated line.  Please have your child’s OEN number and date of birth (yyyymmdd). OEN number can be found on your child’s report card.