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Learn@Home e-Submission (Submit Lessons by Email)
Thank you for choosing Learn@Home e-submission.  Now you can submit your lessons without having to leave the comfort of your home.  Note: e-submission is open to ALL students – not just those registered for e-delivery.

Please make sure you meet the following requirements prior to submitting lessons:

  • Lessons are produced in either Microsoft© Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or using Word Pad.  Note: other formats cannot be supported and will be returned UNMARKED.
  • Scans and .pdf’s are not included.  Markers are unable to detail marking within scans as they cannot be edited.
  • No links to Sky Drive, Cloud or other virtual formats.  Some security settings may not allow access to virtual drives. 
  • Documents are virus free.
  • Lessons are complete – all key questions for the lesson(s) are included in the electronic submission (if you can’t include everything – you must submit the entire lesson(s) in person at the L@H office).  Incomplete lessons will receive zero on the missing questions and these cannot be resubmitted at a later date.
  • You have attached a completed cover sheet (please include your name, email, course code and lesson numbers on the coversheet).
  • Please include all KEY questions for a lesson in one file where possible.  You may also combine lessons into one file where possible for ease of marking and transmission.  You may send multiple lessons in one submission.
  • Your email includes the attached lessons and cover sheet
  • The subject line of your email includes your full name, course code and lesson number(s) submitted.
To e-Submit lessons:
Step 1: Go to, Programs, Learn@Home, Submit Lessons by Email
Step 2: Open one of these cover sheets and fill in the required information.  Save
                        the completed coversheet to your computer.
To download one of the following LESSON COVER SHEETS, right-click the appropriate link and save the file to your work folder on your computer.
 Step 3: Return to “Submit Lessons by Email” and click the SUBMIT button below:

This will open an email message;

Step 1: In your email, in the subject line type your full (legal) name, course code and lesson numbers that you are submitting;

Step 2: Attached the completed coversheet – ensure that you have completed the “Statement of Understanding” – failure to do so will result in your lessons being returned to you and marking being delayed.

Step 3: Attach lesson(s) documents.  Note: please include all KEY questions for a lesson in one file where possible.  You may also combine lessons into one file where possible for ease of marking and transmission.  You may send multiple lessons in one submission.

Step 4: Send the email (make sure you save a copy of your work and the email).

Please ensure that you are not transmitting any computer viruses with your submission.  By clicking the submit button, you are confirming that you have taken the appropriate steps to ensure your documents are virus free.

You must submit COMPLETE LESSONS, not partial lessons. If you are unable to submit the complete lesson electronically, then submit the complete lesson on paper at our office.
  • All e-submissions will be acknowledged within 1 – 2 business days indicating that they have been “Sent to Marker’ – if you do not receive a confirmation, please resubmit.  E-Submission will not be processed during statutory or school holidays.
  • Upon receipt, we will forward your submitted lessons to a marker for evaluation. Upon return from the marker, we will forward the evaluated lessons to you via email. Please allow 3 weeks for processing. 
If you are unable to submit lessons through the link above, please use:
  • e-Submission is for transmitting materials for evaluation only. This is not for course help or appointment booking (click here to access our Appointment Booking page).
  • Exams must still be written at one of our Learn @ Home locations.
  • The coversheet document is completed and submitted as a separate file.
  • Each lesson should be one file/document where possible.  Please do not create a separate file for each question.  Each lesson should contain all the key questions for submission.  Partial lessons cannot be resubmitted for marking.
  •   IMPORTANT – save a copy of your work before you send it.   
For further Information​:
Call: 905.440.4500 or 800.408.9619