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Learn@Home Courses Available

All correspondence-style courses are Ontario Ministry of Education compliant

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*Available in e-Delivery format – material deposit NOT required
**Available in e-Delivery format – requires additional materials and security deposit

The Arts


Visual Arts (Grade 9, Open Level)


Business Studies


Entrepreneurship - Gr. 11 (Grade 11, College Preparation)


The Enterprising Person (Grade 11, Open Level)


Intro to Retail & Service Marketing (Grade. 11, Workplace Preparation)


Organizational Studies (Grade 12, College/University Preparation)

Introduction to International Business (Grade 12, College/University Preparation)
Principles of Financial Accounting (Grade 12, College/University Preparation)

Canadian & World Studies


Geography of Canada (Grade 9, Applied Level)


Canadian History (Grade 10, Academic Level)


Canadian History (Grade 10, Applied Level)


Civics (Grade 10, Open Level) (1/2 Credit)


Travel & Tourism (Grade 11, Open Level)


World History (Grade 11, College/University Preparation)


Understanding Canadian Law (Grade 11, College/University Preparation)


Environment & Resource Managment (Grade 12, Essentials Level)


World History: West & World (Grade 12, University Preparation)





English (Grade 9, Academic Level)


English (Grade 9, Essentials Level)


English (Grade 9 Applied Level)


Literacy Skills: Reading & Writing (Grade 10, Open Level)


English (Grade 10, Academic Level)


English (Grade 10, Essentials Level)


English (Grade 10, Applied Level)


Media Studies (Grade 11, Open Level)


English - Gr. 11 (Grade 11, College Preparation)


English (Grade. 11, Workplace Preparation)


English (Grade 11, University Preparation)


Communication in World of Bus & Tech (Grade 12, Open Level)


English (Grade. 12, Workplace Preparation)


English (Grade 12, College Preparation)


English (Grade 12, University Preparation)


Studies in English Literature (Grade 12, University Preparation)


Writer's Craft (Grade 12, University Preparation)



Guidance & Career Education


Learning Strategies (Grade 9, Open Level)


Career Studies (Grade 10, Open Level) (1/2 Credit)


Discovering the Workplace (Grade 10, Open Level)


Leadership and Peer Support (Grade 11, Open Level)


Designing Your Future (Grade 11, Open Level)


Navigating the Workplace (Grade 12, Open Level)



Health & Physical Education


Health for Life (Grade 11, College Preparation) Coming Soon





Mathematics (Grade 9, Essentials Level)


Mathematics (Grade 9 Applied Level)


Principles of Mathematics (Grade 9, Academic Level)


Mathematics Transfer Course (Grade 9, Applied to Academic Level)


Mathematics (Grade 10, Essentials Level)


Mathematics (Grade 10, Applied Level)


Mathematics (Grade 10, Academic Level)


Foundations for College Mathematics (Grade 11, College Preparation)


Functions (Grade 11, College/University Preparation)


Functions & Relations (Grade 11, University Preparation)


Mathematics for Everyday Life (Grade. 11, Workplace Preparation)


Foundations for College Mathematics (Grade 12, College Preparation)


Mathematics for College Technology (Grade 12, College Preparation)


Calculus & Vectors (Grade 12, University Preparation)


Mathematics of Data Management (Grade 12, University Preparation)


Mathematics for Everyday Life (Grade. 12, Workplace Preparation)


Advanced Functions (Grade 12, University Preparation)



Native Studies


Aboriginal Beliefs, Values and Aspirations in a Contemporary
Society (Grade. 11, Workplace Preparation)




Science (Grade 9, Essentials Level)


Science (Grade 9 Applied Level)


Science (Grade 10, Academic Level)


Science (Grade 10, Applied Level)


Biology - Gr. 11 (Grade 11, College Preparation)


Biology (Grade 11, University Preparation)


Chemistry (Grade 11, University Preparation)


Physics (Grade 11, University Preparation)


Biology (Grade 12, University Preparation)


Chemistry (Grade 12, College Preparation)


Chemistry (Grade 12, University Preparation)

SES4U​Earth and Space Science (Grade 12, University Preparation)​


Physics (Grade 12, College Preparation)


Physics (Grade 12, University Preparation)



Social Sciences & Humanities


Housing and Home Design (Grade 11, Open Level)

Raising Healthy Children (Grade 11, Open Level)
Working With Infants and Young Children (Grade 11, College Preparation)


Anthropology, Sociology, & Psychology Coming Soon (Grade 11, College Preparation)


Families in Canada (Grade 12, College Preparation)


Families in Canada (Grade 12, University Preparation)


Personal Life Management Coming Soon (Grade 12, Open Level)


Working with School Age Children and Adolescents Coming Soon (Grade 12, College Preparation)


Challenge and Change in Society Coming Soon (Grade 12, University Preparation)

HZT4U ​Philosophy:  Questions & Theories (Grade 12, University Preparation)

Technological Education


Tourism (Grade 12, College Preparation)


Hospitality (Grade 11, College Preparation)


Child Development & Gerontology (Grade 12, College Preparation)


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