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Co-op Works - A Success Story
Hi! My name is Jacques and I am now a high-school graduate!
I left high school when I was seventeen.  I had a full-time job as a security guard and the pay was amazing.  Although the money was awesome, the work itself was not challenging enough for me and I found the duties of being a security guard far too routine and, frankly, boring.
Since leaving the security job, I have mostly focused on construction-oriented work such as carpentry, masonry, framing, restoration, landscaping, and fixing and maintaining old structures.
I really like landscaping as every day I do different types of work.  This variety of work, working outdoors, working with my hands, and the people I work with all contribute to making landscaping entertaining and interesting.
As I’d like to pursue an Apprenticeship, I realized that I would need my grade 12 diploma.  When I came to DCE for the Co-op Works! Program, I was a bit nervous, but excited.  I felt “rusty”, but was determined and was enthusiastic about finally finishing my last two high school credits through co-op.
I feel that we all must secure a future for ourselves.  We should always push ourselves toward our personal limits.  Eventually we all will reap what we sow.
Good luck in your future endeavours!
For further information about Co-op Works!, contact Suzanne Scanlon at 905.440.4492 or