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Adult Day School Overview

Benefits of Day School

"The hybrid course I just finished, along with the one that I took last term, have better helped me understand how to use computers.  The option to use Office 365 has helped me because I do not have Microsoft Word at home.  I was able to work on things at home, including my ISU. I appreciate the option to do a hybrid course because a lot of people going to DCE have children that aren't quite in school yet, so the opportunity to stay home and work on homework is nice and it meant that I wasn't losing a day away from my studies."
Ashleigh Owen
Students come to DCE because:
    • they can ​​​earn high school credits
    • there are no tuition fees
    • a new term starts every 9 weeks
    • they can earn up to 2 credits per term
    • courses are available in hybrid format allowing for flexible study options
    • morning or afternoon classes are available
    • they can have a mature student evaluation or a prior learning assessment and recognition (P.L.A.R.) done